Teaching certificate. That’s it

2022-07-28 0 By

Recently I saw a lot of friends on the Internet to discuss the teacher qualification certificate, I say with personal experience.First of all, I have two teaching certificates, one for senior high school and one for college.High school need not say more, because oneself is early normal college graduation, putonghua achieves two b, so graduation takes certificate smoothly.As for the college teaching certificate, this is not so easy to say.This above all, what you enter an office is college or medical establishment, I see a lot of doctors also rely on university of a few medical sciences to enter oneself for an examination, must attend the theory that the school organizes above all groom, general a month or so.Groom completes sign up to time on the net, take an examination of 4 commonly, after theory passes, it is half an year to control can have skill exam commonly, teach namely.Pass theory examination and skill examination wait for school notice!Can let you offer achievement to follow mandarin achievement commonly, hand in ok!Generally smooth words, a year or so!