Wang Lixia emphasized the resolute implementation of the CPC Central Committee’s decision and deployment in promoting the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination at the special meeting

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On January 25, the government of the autonomous region held a special meeting to promote the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination.Wang Lixia, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of the Autonomous Region, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.Wang lixia pointed out that the comprehensive reform of college entrance examination is a major decision made by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. It concerns the vital interests of students and social harmony and stability, and is of great significance to accelerating the modernization of education and running education that the people are satisfied with.To further enhance the political stance, strengthen the overall concept, resolutely implement the general secretary xi on test enrollment system reform important speech spirit, conscientiously implement the party central committee requests deployment of the comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination, firmly grasp the “promote the quality education, promote education fairness, is advantageous to the scientific talents” the direction of reform,We will carry out this major reform in a precise, in-depth, active and prudent manner.Wang Lixia stressed that we should pay close attention to improve the comprehensive reform plan of the college entrance examination and related supporting documents, strengthen policy publicity and interpretation, accurate and orderly advance the work.We will strengthen financial support, constantly improve conditions for regular senior high schools, and speed up the construction of standardized test centers and the upgrading and renovation of test centers.We will step up efforts to train teachers and carry out special training for senior high school teachers to meet the needs of the new curriculum, new textbooks and new college entrance examinations.To promote special classes, special deployment, responsible for the establishment of vertical through the education system reform coordination mechanism, regular scheduling, regular communication, to ensure that all relevant departments in accordance with the division of tasks, fine and fine implementation, to ensure that the district college entrance examination reform orderly advance, smooth implementation.Huang Zhiqiang and Bao Xianhua, leaders of the autonomous region, attended the meeting, as did leaders of relevant departments of the autonomous region.Source: Inner Mongolia Daily