Generous and inexpensive Futian Scenery G9 bread refrigerator

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Bread refrigerator because of its own market positioning is different, determined by the shape, the space volume of the box body will not be designed too large.Many friends often ask, if you want a large-capacity bread refrigerator, can you only consider the more expensive diesel model?In fact, Foton car has a scenery G9 bread type refrigerated car, single row of the rear car body space up to seven cubic, this model can meet those who need generous, affordable friends to buy cars.The latest sixth version of Futian scenery G9 adopts load-bearing bread type body, the front shape is full and mellow, the three straight silver ornaments in the intake grille are presented in a regular style, giving a person a sense of sedate at the same time, but also extends the visual effect of the width of the front.Body adopts pure color spray, clear and bright.Halogen light source headlights on both sides adopt the integrated design of near and far light, turn light is LED light source, standard fog lights and headlight height adjustment function, configuration standard in the same level of cars in the middle class.Foton Scenery G9 refrigerator car left and right side of the rear view mirror longitudinal expansion size is large, can provide a good range of vision for the higher body.The shell is designed with the same color as the body, and the style is similar to the body.Fukuda scenery G9 car, humanized configuration, people-oriented comfortable design reflected incisively and vividly.Entering the cab, you can see that the interior is a color combination of grey on top and black on bottom. The central console is made of hard plastic, with a symmetrical layout, which gives a good sense of regularity.The transmission handle position and many light bus type, set in the central console.The four-spoke steering wheel is simple in shape and decorated with foton diamond LOGO and chrome plating in the middle.This foton G9 bread type refrigerated vehicle selects a single row of high top body cab, carrying space Mitsubishi 4K22D4M gasoline engine, 2.4 displacement, 160 horsepower, 3 meters 1 wheelbase, 195R15C tires, with the original air conditioning, direction assist, sensing load proportional valve, beautiful and simple body shape, national six emission standards, blue brand vehicle,Unlimited travel requirements in major cities can meet the delivery requirements in time.”Large capacity, large capacity” is true, foton G9 refrigerated car body internal size of 3030×1610×1450(mm), volume up to 7 cubic, the car body is arc structure, closely attached to the bread wall production, the car body is made of internal and external glass steel, 80mm thick insulation layer, vacuum cladding and pressure, aluminum alloy body edge, standard with double doors,The edge of the door bag and the pull rod of the door lock are 304 stainless steel, beautiful and strong and durable, the thickness of the bottom plate is 10mm, and the surface of the bottom plate is anti-slip pattern aluminum plate.The whole vehicle can load different goods to select different refrigerating capacity of chiller, refrigeration unit adopts domestic famous brand overhead type, fruit and vegetable transport: standard with minus 5 degrees refrigeration unit;Fresh meat frozen food transport: standard with minus 18 degrees refrigeration unit;Transport of drugs and vaccines: 2-8 degrees Celsius is standard for temperature, 5 ventilation slots are added inside the box, temperature and humidity recorder, real-time printing function;Automatic defrosting function can be set according to customer requirements.Generous connotation, good and not expensive is the unique characteristics of this Fukuda scenery G9 refrigerator car, worthy of those who pursue large capacity bread refrigerator car friends attention!