Jing Tian and Dong Wenhua dinner was photographed!Plain face day skin white clean, carrying 20,000 yuan package good caper

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Recently, the media photographed actress Jing Tian and Dong Wenhua rare fit party.After the party, Jing Tian walked in front in a thick white long down jacket, her figure still looking slim and trim.Dong Wenhua followed, bundled up in a black overcoat and black top hat.It is worth noting that jing is carrying a beautifully embroidered bag from a well-known international luxury brand worth about 25,000 yuan.Jing Tian and Dong Wenhua walked to the car and stopped. They began to chat and say goodbye. Their eyes were full of smiles.After the pleasantries, Jing Tian Dong Wenhua tightly embrace goodbye, very reluctant.After dong got into the car, Jing Tian stood at the door of the car. They talked for a while, during which Jing Tian was very warm and respectful. She closed the door of the car and waved goodbye to Dong before she got into the car and left.Obviously can feel jing Sweet recent condition is very good.Not long ago, she posted a photo of herself taking a selfie before the “Fu” gun was snatched. She was wearing a white sweater, one hand at a time, with a faint smile on her lips and eyes so big and bright that you couldn’t take your eyes away from her.It’s worth noting that Jing Tian, who was criticized for her altered eyes after plastic surgery, has only found her own style in recent years and once again reached a new level of beauty.Jing Sweet in the TV series “Rattan” in the appearance is stunning many viewers, the eyebrows let her show jiangnan women gentle but also added a sense of English, rattan character characteristics show incisively and vividly.The scenery in life is sweet, is full of sweet breath of the girl next door.She lay on the sofa with her hands raised and smiled sweetly. The pink made Jing Tian’s skin whiter.Jing Tian’s long legs are thin and white, and delicate muscle lines can be seen on the slightly exposed abdomen, which shows that Jing Tian’s figure management is excellent.After finding her own style, Jing Tian is affectionately called “rich flower on earth” by the audience. Her work is more and more, and she is looking forward to bringing more high-quality works to the audience, so that everyone can feast their eyes.