Spring Festival “not closed” city builders busy construction

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Hefei city su Song road rapid transformation 3 standard, builders are nervous and orderly construction.Photo by Liu Yucai (Spring walking grassroots) Spring Festival “not closed” city builders busy construction in Hefei, January 26 (Liu Honghe) January 25 is the Lunar New Year in north China, in Hefei City Susong Road rapid transformation 3 standard, the builders are nervous and orderly construction.With the completion of the last concrete pouring, the first cast-in-place box girder of the rapid transformation 3 standard of Susong Road, which is the first cast-in-place box girder of the whole line, was successfully poured, and the construction of the project officially entered the construction stage of the superstructure.According to introducing, SuSong road (south ring road) – shenzhen rapidness reconstruction project bid 3 total length of 2396 meters, the casting SuSong road line the first sanlian cast-in-situ prestressed concrete box girder bridge pier girder for 7 to 10, a total of three spans, adopt single box chamber inclined plate with circular cross section, points on both sides of the cast-in-place beam casting, casting for the first time at the end of the second web casting roof,About 980 cubic meters of concrete were poured.The builders are pouring concrete.Diao Ke, 25, from Chongqing, is currently the technical director of the project. Over the past two years, he rarely goes home.”The project department is still very concerned about our front-line staff, not only delivered goods, we also make dumplings with colleagues to celebrate the New Year.””During this year’s Spring Festival, we will have 70 managers and front-line workers stick to their posts and contribute to the construction of Hefei,” Diao said.Construction site of rapid transformation 3 of Susong Road, Hefei city.The superstructure adopts the combination structure of cast-in-place prestressed continuous beam and steel box girder, which solves the problem of making and saving beams and occupies an area of land. At the same time, the reasonable arrangement of steel box girder crosses the underside road crossing, which greatly reduces the influence on the traffic within the construction scope.Luo Zhigui, assistant to the general manager of the No.4 Company of China Railway No.4 Engineering Bureau, said, “The project is an important part of hefei’s ‘five horizontal and seven vertical’ planned rapid road network system.The construction of the project is of great significance to the construction of a fast transportation corridor between the old city and the economic development zone and binhu New Area, and to the formation of the Helu fast passage to the south to connect the southern sub-center, to promote the social and economic development of the city, to promote the development of land parcels along the line, and to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the city.Construction workers make dumplings to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the project site.Su Shiyang perturbation