Which masters should the fisherman learn from?Learn in this order and you’re the next master

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What fishing masters should a new fisherman or someone who wants to learn to fish learn from?Don’t lose at the starting line, fishing is the same, a good start is better than some messy learning.The net spread of what wild fishing learning Liu what strong, hit the nest learning what ceremony what hair, really are not reliable!The first thing to learn is that beginners who don’t know anything at all suggest that you watch Hua’s fishing skills training camp, from accurate drift, hook tying, bait opening, rub bait, pull bait, wild fishing black pit can learn something.Second to learn, look at Deng Gang’s teaching video, to tedious become simple, float buoyancy can, tune a few eyes to catch a few eyes about the line, there is no kaleinism but can really catch fish, this is a substantial change in the fisherman.Third to learn, fishing theoretical knowledge must want to know a little, the truth is you don’t have to use, then float experts Cheng Ning you have to look at, look at some of adjustable floating theory learning theory knowledge, the wuding method, to know how can let you go in the study, may make you more confused, this is the secret of fishing,Let you study let you confused let you think you have higher skills to pursue!A word from the fourth to learn, Li Damao is supported by an angler, once on sport fishing in China shows a word wild go fishing as long as to what the bait they did all eat, not fastidious, Li Damao DiaoTai fishing only not just, traditional fishing dipper float also often appear on his show, adjust measures to local conditions don’t think a fishing can be invincible, advantages and disadvantages of each platform and traditional fishing fishingUse what should be used, do not blindly pursue.Fifth to learn, a lot of people fishing, a return of the river have you lots of skills to study, a water side fish, do as the Romans do to a place to go fishing and learn from a local fisherman, a fish eat a bait, hydrologic YuQing around the fishing method all have different skills, catch the wuding method and others with their own experience.An ordinary fisherman is really a master fisherman, but you feel there are more mysterious and higher skills to learn!You are king in your own waters and a master fisherman will catch no more than you, but you can’t win in someone else’s home.An ordinary fisherman just needs to know the waters around him, because you can’t go fishing in China, so you don’t have to learn everything, everything to pursue higher fishing skills.You’ve learned that you can be a master airman in waters you usually fish for.