Firefighters rushed to rescue a paralysed elderly man after a residential building caught fire in Shanghai on New Year’s Day

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Firefighters rescue trapped people in haibin New Village in Shanghai on The first day of the Chinese New Year, February 1, 2022.In the morning of February 7, Jin Apo, accompanied by her family, came to Wusong Fire rescue station and sent a banner that read “save the masses and help the people in distress” to the hands of the fire and rescue workers.Gold old woman and his wife live in Shanghai Baoshan District Wusong street seaside new village, the old couple has more than 80 years old, his wife suffered from cerebral infarction, paralyzed in bed.On The first day of the Chinese New Year, February 1, 2022, at 9 am, in order to pray for good luck in the Year of the Tiger, aunt Jin lit red candles and prepared to burn incense to worship her ancestors.Who knows, a small oversight, red candle lit the bed quilt, gold old woman in panic hurriedly firefighting.But no matter how hard she tried, the fire would not go out.Seeing that the fire could not be put out, Gold old woman quickly shouted outside the door, the next door neighbor saw this quickly dial 119.Then, gold old woman rushed into the room to try to drag out his wife, however, the house fire has spread, rushed into the fire gold old woman not only failed to save his wife, even their own chance to escape also thoroughly delayed.The situation is extremely urgent, Shanghai fire rescue corps command center immediately transferred wusong station, Baoshan station, Jiangwan station, rushed to the site.Wusong station as the first to the scene of the force, after a preliminary understanding, issued the first instruction, the rescue team to seize the rescue evacuation trapped personnel, fire control group quickly out of the water.At this time, Wusong 1 tanker was blocked in the door, the fire team members immediately laid long distance water supply to the fire;The rescue team members arrive at the fire site in advance after doing a good job of safety protection.Firefighters rescue trapped people in the community on New Year’s Day.”There are two old people in the house, and neither of them came out!”Informed masses to fire introduction.Commander Li Shun, firefighters Zhang Jin, Bao Shijie, Wen Ronglei and others with the fastest speed into the room, do fast attack fast, will fall in the door of the gold old woman the first time to rescue out, handed over to the medical staff.Later, rushed to the high temperature and smoke filled the room again, in the dark to search for paralyzed in the bed of the old man, 4 members of the team even quilt with people carried out of the outdoor.Due to timely rescue, 2 old people are not serious.The fire was quickly put out by the fire fighting team.Upstairs, however, the evacuation is still under way.Before the fire department arrived, smoke rushed up the stairs, threatening people upstairs.Ms. Pan, who lives on the fourth floor, did not escape in time and the situation has been very bad, “the room is full of toxic smoke, can not breathe.I called my mother and cried. I was so scared that I couldn’t get out.”As Ms. Pan was desperate, a fireman knocked at her door.”I heard the fireman banging loudly on the door and pulled a wet towel off my head to cover my nose and mouth,” pan recalled, as she was led downstairs. “I heard the fireman breathing next to me, and he told me to crouch over and over again, and the searchlight in front of him brought hope in the darkness.”The rescued residents expressed their gratitude to the firefighters and brought a brocade flag.On the fourth night of the New Year, Ms. Pan specially bought 5 boxes of strawberries, sent to wusong fire rescue station members, originally thought of personally sent to their hands, but see they are eating, they did not disturb, but told the guard to turn over to the firefighters.Ms. Pan once again expressed her gratitude and wishes, “Fortunately, the fire brigade dealt with the quick, I guess (myself) will die later.””I really appreciate them and hope they enjoy the strawberries as well.”Two people were rescued and eight others were evacuated, the Shanghai fire department said.Responsible Editor: Gao Wen Photo editor: Le Yufeng Proofreading: Xu Yijia