Spring Festival I work in the market supervision around

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Water net news (the whole media intern reporter correspondent chen-yang liu Zhu Kui) to safeguard market order during the Spring Festival, safeguard the city’s people a safe, happy and peaceful Spring Festival, danjiangkou city market supervision bureau staff to conduct special inspection during the Spring Festival market regulation, to ensure that people buy the rest assured, eat at ease, comfortable.On February 3, city market supervision bureau staff came to business super, around the supermarket implement show me rope ticket, incoming inspection of food safety, such as main body responsibility, from personnel of course of health management, bulk food label, “three” measures, food storage, special food sales, epidemic prevention and control and so on has carried on the inspection, responsible to fill in content, bulk food specificationTo prevent the mixing of special food and ordinary food and other illegal operations, at the same time, the cold chain food purchase inspection, traceability code and regular nucleic acid testing staff on-site supervision and guidance, the operation units of their own cold storage, staff warehousing inspection, to ensure that there are no omissions and dead spots in all links.In retail pharmacies, staff inspected the implementation of the real-name registration and sales system for antipyretic, cough suppressant and anti-infecting drugs, requiring pharmacies to immediately report to their communities and register those with abnormal temperature detected by scanning codes, so as to give full play to the role of “sentinel alert”.Every shop owner was told to take the initiative to take nucleic acid tests on time, and all customers were required to wear masks, take their body temperature, scan codes and register in order to implement normal epidemic prevention and control measures in place.It is understood that in order to ensure that the people of the city through a healthy and peaceful Spring Festival, the city market supervision administration planning in advance, detailed work plan during the Spring Festival, the establishment of the leading group, the Spring Festival stability maintenance group, emergency reserve team,Daily supervision of food safety, the safety of special equipment and key work products, market prices, the handling of consumer rights in key areas, normal epidemic prevention and control, and mass gatherings in the city ensured the safety, stability and order of the market during the Spring Festival.