“The Art of Empathy,” Waking Life

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From the New Year’s Eve TV “taofeasts” — the end of Chinese style football on the first day of the New Year — “Jiang Kun” PK “Guo Degang” lingering, triggered a series of “non-fixed culture” festival discussion.Various kinds of varieties make people find an “art of empathy” topic from a higher latitude space — The art of Empathy;Is the art of common emotion, artistic empathy.In the form of sports culture, television literature and art, it reflects the ability of designing “empathic art”.In addition, cultural background, environmental hierarchy, appreciation cognition, “close contact with the crowd”, parrot.The “art of empathy” of elevation, design, creativity and planning becomes the “top-level design” before all methods are presented.In John Berger’s analysis of The Way of Seeing, the four-step logic of “the Art of Empathy” is written as follows: “1;Art and politics;2;Women watching and being watched;3;The contradiction of oil painting;4.”Advertising and Capitalist daydreaming” explains the “art of empathy” under the background of The Times.Philosophy of art and the preposition of philosophy and art are also the preposition and control of professionals and professional practices today. It is not the piecing together of unilateral or unique skills to avoid the original intention and gaps, but also the landing of spiritual civilization through art.Incorporating all audience emotions is implicit in: Waking Life benefits from the “art of empathy.”Reference: “John Berger, The Way of Seeing” – Zhihu