A new social security system was put into operation in Wuhan today

2022-07-31 0 By

On February 14, 2022, Wuhan officially launched the Social insurance information system for enterprise employees in Hubei Province, and fully resumed the handling of social security services.After the launch of the new system, what are the adjustments and changes to social security policy provisions and handling services?Personnel of unit of choose and employ persons, flexible obtain employment joins to protect pay cost, join to protect a person to apply for retire what to differ with so?On The 14th, extreme news reporters conducted an interview to understand.After the launch of the new system, the original social security arrears paid by the insured units in the year, will be exempted from late fees;Overdue fines shall be levied in accordance with relevant regulations.In addition, the acceptance time has changed, after the online new system, enterprise workers basic endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance business implementation of the “whole month”, that is: the handling service hall channel implementation of the whole month all working days, online channels implementation of the whole month all day.Already retiree annuities extends time by original every month 15 days come 20 days unified adjustment is every month 15 days.After the launch of the new system, “online do” “palm do” “do nearby” channels more diverse.People with flexible employment can choose and change the level of endowment insurance payment independently, and pay basic endowment insurance for employees, either through chushuitong or Ehuiban mobile APP, or at cooperative bank outlets.Pension payment channels for existing retirees will remain unchanged, and pension payments for new retirees will be made through social security cards.Additional, personnel of flexible obtain employment can be in current social security year inside pay this year’s worker primary endowment insurance premium.For example: current social security year is “year”, personnel of flexible obtain employment can be in the year before pay year worker basic endowment insurance premium.(Note: for the first time, those who participate in the insurance as flexible employment in Wuhan, they can only pay from the same month of enrollment.) The cross-regional migrants in the province do not need to go through the transfer and continuation procedures any more. Instead, they need to merge with the places where they receive their benefits when they retire and do not need to move to other places.After the launch of the new system, employers and their employees’ basic endowment insurance premiums, unemployment insurance premiums and work-related injury insurance premiums will be declared independently, namely:The employer should declare the basic endowment insurance premium, unemployment insurance premium and industrial injury insurance premium that should be paid by the employer through “Hubei Provincial Government Affairs Service social insurance Online service Hall” every month, and complete the payment formalities within 10 working days after the declaration.Those who fail to pay the overdue fee shall pay the overdue fee in accordance with relevant regulations.Online after the new system, ginseng protect people need a month in advance to carry identity CARDS, social security card, booklet of registered residence, personnel files to the social security orgnaization of agency of pre-qualification file (not the original state-owned, collective enterprise formal worker status of personnel archives without hearing), and then achieve the pension conditions that month carry the relevant information to the pension issue formalities to orgnaization of social security agency.After check and ratify is completed, annuities extend at the second month that achieves pay to get a condition.Wuhan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau tips: In the early stage of the new system, a large amount of business accumulated in the early stage will make all social security agencies meet the business peak.In order to save time, it is recommended that all insured units and individuals preferentially use various social security services of Hubei Government Affairs Service Network.(Source: Extreme News)