Men who “age slowly”, mostly or have 6 good habits, contrast, see how many can you stick to?

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Guide language: male anile is to show men and women bisexual as a result of constitution different, anile process also has difference, consequently method of prevention and cure is each different.Generally speaking, the early and late aging of men, and its early and late maturation related.Those who grow fast and mature early have earlier senescence.Conversely, the growth is slower, mature late, aging later.Traditional Chinese medicine thinks, kidney advocate close collect essence, it is the root of vitality, the essence of kidney promotes human body to grow already, of stimulative reproduction essence turn unripe.In the aging process, men are often manifested in the kidney’s vital energy deficit.Because the essence in male kidney is easy to be deficient, accordingly, cannot wait for senile omen to appear after just beginning to adjust to take, and ought to prevent small beginnings, not old prevent first.From the young adult period began to pay attention to recuperation, to the period of natural decline of kidney qi, more attention should be paid to the method of nourishing.When anile sign beginning present, except strengthen health care to take outside raise, still should choose corresponding medicaments according to different constitution, in order to tonify essence gas in kidney.Men who “age slowly”, mostly or have 6 good habits, contrast, see how many can you stick to?(1) Nourishing men aging can be nourishing to regulate, such as drinking more milk, milk is rich in protein and amino acids can be easily absorbed by the human body, anti-aging.Eat more vegetables, such as broccoli, which is rich in antioxidant vitamin C and carotene, which is a good anti-aging and anti-cancer food.Eat more fruit, such as kiwi, not only rich in nutrition, but also tonifying body, clearing heat diuresis, anti-melanin generation, eliminate spots.Eat more seafood, such as oysters, which are high in zinc, which is good for male hormones.(2) Maintenance to keep young and delay aging can often use tight skin care products or masks to maintain the skin, delay aging, but also pay attention to maintain regular living habits, or appropriate to do some aerobic exercise.If there are symptoms of flabby skin, it can also be treated by means of photon rejuvenation or hot maggie to delay aging.(3) get rid of bad living habits can not smoke and drink, eat more vegetarian less meat, eat less sweets.Secondly, we should pay attention to regular exercise, exercise can promote metabolism, is the human body to keep full of energy.In addition, we should pay attention to keep a good attitude every day, and work and rest time should be stable, and do not have the habit of staying up late.Eat more antioxidant foods, such as honey, fungi, and various vegetables.Exercise your brain.Develop good defecation habits, can protect the intestine to prevent aging.(4) drink Chinese medicine aging symptoms are generally caused by liver stagnation and kidney deficiency syndrome, suggest you drink some Chinese medicine for treatment, usually pay attention to light diet, suggest you can drink some xiaoyao pills for treatment.As the saying goes, the belly has poetry and qi from China, appearance is fixed, but temperament and charm can be increased, it is recommended not to pay attention to appearance, improve yourself, is the most important.(6) light diet male aging facial pores are large, thick eyebrows, can be modified, large pores may be fat secretion, it is recommended to eat light diet, eat more vegetables and fruits.In short, men to a certain age to pay attention to good maintenance, light diet, healthy work and rest.Healthy New Year