Mysteel Weekly: Tangshan hot coil prices sharply pulled up gradually open

2022-07-31 0 By

From the price point of view, the price of hot rolled coil after the holiday has risen sharply. Up to now, the average price of 4.75mm hot rolled coil in major cities in China is 5079 yuan/ton, up 165 yuan/ton compared with before the holiday.From the perspective of price difference between north and South, there is no price difference between South China and North China, and the price difference between east China and North China is 10 yuan/ton, which limits the regional resource circulation.In terms of cost profit, according to Mysteel’s calculation, the current comprehensive cash cost of the steel mill is 4990.99 yuan/ton, and the comprehensive cash profit is -163.22 yuan/ton, and the profit of the steel mill is inverted.This week, the capacity utilization rate of hot rolled coil in Tangshan area was 58.54%, and the output was 532,000 tons, which was low.In terms of inventory, the national hot roll social inventory increased by 297,800 tons from last week, while the in-factory inventory increased by 3,800 tons from last week, and the weekly consumption decreased by 44.81 tons.According to Mysteel statistics, this week tangshan area hot rolled coil social inventory of 394,400 tons, port inventory of 205,000 tons, the total inventory of 495,700 tons, compared with the pre-holiday increase of 72,200 tons.In terms of supply, steel mills are limited by the Winter Olympics and environmental protection production limits, with low production and strong willingness to offer price.In terms of demand, the opening of the Winter Olympics, beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding projects may be subject to relevant restrictions, which has a certain impact on the start time of demand. After the Holiday, traders and downstream continue to resume work, and the transaction performance is flat.On the market side, traders remain cautiously bullish on the future market, after the 15th of the first month downstream demand to be released.Considering that the policy still has a strong impact on the current market, the uncertainty of the market quotation is strong, and it is expected that the hot volume shock will run sideways next week, and the price will fluctuate between 4950-5100.