New progress!Red Island street south primary school successfully through the main structure acceptance

2022-07-31 0 By

Peninsula all media reporter Guo Zhenliang recently, by the chengyang district construction engineering quality supervision station and the units involved in the construction of the inspection group to the Red Island street south primary school project, the quality of the project entity on-site inspection.After a comprehensive inspection, the acceptance group discussed and decided that the project was constructed strictly in accordance with the relevant national and local construction quality acceptance specifications, standards and mandatory provisions, and the construction quality met the acceptance standards, and the acceptance was agreed.Hongdao Street South Primary School project is located in chengyang District Hongdao street office ocean First road south, planning ao southeast road north, juxianqiao road west, the structural form of the frame structure, the total construction area of 29731.66 square meters, including 22039.59 square meters of ground area, underground area of 7692.07 square meters.Since the start of construction on January 15, 2021, under the leadership of competent departments at all levels, all the staff of hongdao Sub-district South Primary School Project Department have made concerted efforts to overcome difficulties brought by the epidemic and push forward the construction schedule of the project.In August 2021, teaching building no. 1 and No. 2 of the project successfully passed the acceptance of the main structure, and now the teaching building has entered the stage of fine decoration and construction.This acceptance is the project garage, hall, complex building, canteen report hall, wind and rain playground and other main structures.Among them, sand-aerated concrete blocks are innovatively used in the construction process of the secondary structure of the canteen report hall and the wind and rain playground.The new material has its own thermal insulation performance, eliminating the link of laying thermal insulation layer in the later stage, but it also puts forward higher requirements for masonry types: traditional concrete blocks, the masonry joints are generally controlled at 15 mm, while sand aerated concrete blocks, the masonry joints should be controlled at 3 mm.In the face of new materials and high standards, all the staff of the project Department are devoted to their duties, strictly control the quality of raw materials, control the quality of on-site construction, orderly promote the construction progress of the project, and ensure the completion of the top sealing node of the main structure on time.At present, the wind and rain playground, canteen report hall steel structure grid structure work has been successfully completed.In the next step, all the staff of the project department will continue to uphold the corporate mission of “Sincere construction of high-quality products in the era, love to build a better space”, practice the corporate core values of “integrity and dedication, quality first”, make persistent efforts to complete the follow-up construction process with quality and quantity guaranteed, and strive to build the project into a high-quality project.