Ning Bing, president of Liubei Court, visited Hengda Bus Company in the year of Service for enterprises

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In order to implement the activities of “Enterprise Service Year” in liuzhou city in 2022 and provide better judicial services for enterprises, Ning Bing, the party secretary and president of Liubei Court, led a team to visit Hengda Bus Company on February 17 and carried out discussions and exchanges, providing face-to-face legal services for enterprises and preventing and resolving corporate risks.Wang Haijiao, Party Secretary and Chairman of Hengda Bus Company, Chen Jianfei, Deputy Party Secretary, Zhang Xi, party member and vice president of Liubei Court, Cheng Gang, head of case filing court and other relevant civil trial team leaders attended the meeting.At the forum, Ning Bing, party Secretary and president of The North Liu Court, thanked Hengda Bus Company for its long-term support to the work of the court, and presented a “service enterprise gift package” to hengda Bus Company on behalf of the court.The gift bag is liu north court according to the specific requirements, and the judge trial practice hengda bus company, pick out a batch of labor dispute, traffic accident instructional cases such as disputes and labor disputes conciliation commissioned, assignment, v. docking flowcharts, further guide the enterprise in case of dispute and court to carry out docking, properly resolve disputes.At the meeting, hengda bus company representatives on the labor contract, economic compensation, employment leave and other related legal issues and the judge to exchange.The civil trial judge of the Ryubuk Court answered questions raised by the representatives.The two sides also had in-depth exchanges on expanding the communication channel between enterprises and courts in the future.President Ning put forward two suggestions to the problems raised by the enterprise representatives. First, we should improve the awareness of risk prevention, find the basis in the law when formulating the enterprise rules and regulations, refer to the rules formed in the effective court judgments and demonstration cases, further standardize the company system, and use the system to employ and manage people;Second, we need to improve our ability to defuse risks and resolve disputes with the help of lawyers, people’s mediation organizations and qualified third-party mediation agencies.Liubei Court actively implemented the spirit of liuzhou 2022 “Enterprise Service Year” activities, and combined with the judges’ “three advance” activities, took the initiative to visit enterprises, provide judicial services, and solve problems for enterprises.In the next step, Liubei Court will carry out its own work based on the trial, actively extend its judicial responsibilities, deeply understand the needs and difficulties of enterprises, take precise measures, and provide targeted judicial services, so as to escort the high-quality development of enterprises under its jurisdiction and make greater contributions to the economic development of Liuzhou.Photo/Article: LAN Yuye Editor: Liu Zhaoting Proofread: LAN Yuye Editor: Zeng Junrong Review: Li Jinhua Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: