Received comments: super force!Hong Kong stocks and U.S. stocks rose on holiday, tomorrow A shares can follow up?

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Tuesday is here, and it’s time for our weekly review. We are all friends. Good afternoon!Tomorrow is Wednesday, the A-share market will reopen, the exciting time is coming!Without further discussion, let’s take a look at the important news worth paying attention to this holiday season: 1.The Hang Seng index closed up 2.10 per cent.European and US stock markets closed higher last night, including the Nasdaq index rose 1.90%.Not only that, in the United States listed in the hot concept of the collective surge.The news on tomorrow A shares open stimulation, blind guess hand high open high go!2. Sun Chunlan: Strive to achieve the goal of social meeting elimination in the shortest time!It is not easy to see all the nucleic acid tests in Shanghai in one day.I hope that at this time we can unite and fight the epidemic together.I also hope everything will get better as soon as possible, and everyone will be less affected.3. Byd: Announced to stop the production of full vehicles powered by fuel!Meanwhile, BYD announced a 422.97 percent year-on-year increase in new energy vehicle sales in March.I think this time announced to stop the production of fuel cars is right, after all, fuel cars can not sell much, the future of new energy cars is the general trend.The news positive new energy vehicle plate.4. Qinhuangdao purchase restriction order abolished: Qinhuangdao has not adapted to the current real estate market development situation!In fact, the pressure of second – and third-tier cities will be increasing, and the net outflow of talents will make the housing price unsustainable.So instead of letting go of the purchase limit and reducing the down payment ratio, it’s better to think about how to better realize talent introduction.Only by grabbing talents can the city continue to develop.The news is stimulating to real estate plate!5. Central Bank: Add digital RMB pilot cities!Among them, tianjin, Chongqing, Guangzhou in Guangdong Province, Fuzhou and Xiamen in Fujian Province, and Zhejiang Province, which will host the Asian Games, will be added as the pilot areas of the digital RMB.Xiaogao is in Chongqing and has downloaded it. Try it or tell us what it feels like.The news is good for digital currency concept plate stimulation.OK, the above is the holiday key message summary interpretation, the whole looks a bit more positive.A shares are expected to open high possibility tomorrow, can go high to see the performance of domestic capital, looking forward to tomorrow and everyone together big blood!The following is the analysis of several mainstream directions of the market and coping strategies: 1. Liquor, medicine: liquor fund last week first suppressed and then raised, there is a trend of reversal, but the strength is not very strong.Next need to cooperate with the amount can continue to enlarge, quickly break through the 20-day line.However, related liquor and consumption funds have fallen from the peak has been close to 40%, from the perspective of cost performance, the current chip is really worth configuration.If there is a low suction opportunity, the light bin with bullets can slowly fill the bin.Medical stimulation is currently mainly to their own repeated outbreaks around the country.In addition, the medical sector has been adjusted in the last six months, and the chip has a certain cost performance.At present, the medical index has been sideways at the bottom for more than two months, and it is likely to come to the end of bottoming, followed by the arrival of a rebound in volume, confirm the signal on the right.Xiao Gao himself will maintain a low suction rhythm, slowly fill positions.2. Photovoltaic, new energy vehicles: the overall performance of photovoltaic new energy vehicles last week was poor, showing a trend of more falls and less rises.Photovoltaic this has “evading tariffs” of trumpeted charges interference, in a short period of time more pressure, need to shock digestion of bad mood.New energy vehicles are much better, sales are better than expected, Tesla also rose a wave last night, the trend of new energy vehicles tomorrow has a positive stimulus.Do a good long-term investment, peace of mind to take chips in hand!3. Semiconductor, military: Semiconductor and military performance last week was weak, especially the semiconductor sector, once again to refresh the new low stage.In this case, it is best not to take the chestnuts out of the fire, and wait for the stability to stop falling after the fishing will be more secure.Military fund with the cooling of the peripheral situation, there is no short-term speculation logic.The same is not too much operation, wait and see, and so on the environment for better action again!4. Securities brokers, banks, infrastructure, real estate, building materials: the real estate industry has more and more deregulation policies, coupled with low valuation, has recently become the object of capital attention, is expected to continue to rise after the holiday.Accordingly, the real estate industry chain of infrastructure, building materials plate also have high.Brokers, banks need to see whether the market turnover can effectively keep up, otherwise there is not so much money, or it is difficult to see a sustained rise.However, the valuation of these two is indeed very low, do not worry too much about where will fall!5. Coal, steel, nonferrous metals, rare earth, chemical industry: the coal plate is a little invincible, last night the US coal price also hit a new high in recent years, it is estimated that our coal plate can also join in the excitement.Iron and steel plate to see the trend of real estate plate on the line, nonferrous metals and rare earth is to see the trend of international oil prices, chemical industry is not too big speculation value, there is a profit can be out.6. Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, Vietnam market: Hong Kong stocks rose yesterday, the Hong Kong basis we bought also counts, will be updated tomorrow night.At present, Hong Kong shares are more cost-effective than A shares, in the car can wait more patiently.The United States here or continue to cast the United States fund on the line, simple and efficient.Vietnam market is still I think the most stable son in the first quarter, at least in hand not panic, holding experience is much better than A shares!OK, the above is all the contents of this recheck!The article is a bit long, you can read it slowly!If you have any questions, please leave a message and I will try my best to answer them.Finally, the holiday is still small half a day, we have a good rest, not too tired!Finally, a small request, like and attention, finance together do not get lost!