The second trial of Jiang Ge’s mother jiang Qiulian v. Liu Xin lasted nearly four hours

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This morning, the second trial of Jiang Ge’s mother v. Liu Xin opened.Before the first trial and sentencing did not appear in court liu Xin court today to participate in litigation.Appellant Liu Xin has been renamed Liu X xi.After nearly four hours of trial, the court adjourned for a scheduled sentencing.Trial scene, Liu Xin again denied locking the door, that he did not fault, should not bear civil liability for compensation.In 2016, Jiang Ge, who was studying in Japan, was killed in front of her house in Tokyo by Chen Shifeng, the ex-boyfriend of her friend Liu Xin, at the age of 24.On December 20, 2017, the Tokyo District Court sentenced Chen Shifeng to 20 years in prison for intentional homicide and intimidation.Jiang Qiulian of jiang Ge mother did not come out from the pain of bereaved female all the time, she thinks Liu Xin is responsible.In October 2019, Jiang filed a lawsuit against Liu for infringement of the right to life, claiming compensation of more than 2 million yuan.On January 10, 2022, Qingdao Chengyang District People’s Court of the first instance sentenced.The court held that Jiang ge, as a female student studying in a foreign country, should be praised for helping her compatriots in trouble.It deserves legal relief for its illegal infringement.Liu Xin’s behavior violates common sense and human feelings, and should be condemned. He should bear the liability of civil compensation and bear all the costs of the case.In today’s court hearing, the parties have carried on the evidence cross-examination, court debate.Liu Xin, the appellant, said jiang ge had taken the initiative to wait for Liu Xin without being asked to wait at the subway entrance.There is no evidence that Liu Xin entered the room first and then “locked the door.”It is impossible for Liu Xin to know and predict that Chen Shifeng will kill, and it is impossible for liu Xin to know and predict that Chen Shifeng will kill a person who has no relationship with him.Jiang ge was killed entirely because of Chen Shifeng’s actions.Liu Xin believes that he is not at fault, should not bear civil liability for compensation.The appellant, Jiang Qiulian, said there was no evidence to support Liu’s assertion that Jiang had been waiting for Her without liu asking her to wait at the subway entrance.The fact that Liu Xin “locked the door” has sufficient objective evidence to prove that Liu Xin’s denial only reproduced the situation that Liu Xin made false statements because of shirking his own responsibility.Liu Xin prevented Jiang Ge from calling the police with sufficient evidence to support.