Ultraman: why did Torregia hate Tiro?There was something about him that Sello wanted, too

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As we have seen, Torregia hated Tyro Altman, and his choice of darkness had much to do with Tyro.In fact, to tell you the truth, There was something about Him that even Sello would have envied.By rights, Tolegia was a man of great stature in the Land of Light, and he was a top scientist, as was Sicali Ottman.But Tsuburaya has given him a jealous heart, a dislike of civil servants and a preference for force, just like The original Sikali who wants to have great power to fight.But Sikali got the help of the King of Otter, while Torregia was not so lucky, and Tyro Otman came back and showed off his legendary experience in other planets, which aroused torregia’s strong curiosity.But he was not qualified and capable ah, so the jealousy became stronger and stronger.In fact, we can see from the theatrical version of Targa Altmann, even to the last moment of his life, Torregia is still Shouting the name of Telo, is there a feeling of hatred?And later even forced this hatred upon Targa Altman.If of course according to the objective conditions, altman, get the favor of robot really easily jealous, round valley let him not only won the top position in the countries of light, and even gave his ability to won’t die, and in all she is now on, only one robot — that’s the case, dare to tell the truth you believe?In fact, we can also see in the play, Telo Altman many times to use the most dangerous skill “Otter bomb”, the body can be shattered to survive;In addition, he was beheaded by a monster in the show, and was even pecked through the body by the strange bird Patton.In fact, Trootman’s answer is that he has a special heart that can never die, which, like the Absolutes, is extreme.To be honest, this is no joke. Did you see tsuburaya say which ultraman is the ultimate life form?I think it’s just Tiro?Therefore, whether it is status or ability arrangement, Telo Altman is often superior, and it is normal to be envied.In fact, at this point, does it occur to you that The father of Otter and his son had a similar experience.He and Beria were so close, why did they break up?Belia was jealous, to be sure, but the Father of Otter had some responsibility, didn’t he?In fact, from these circumstances, the Kingdom of Light is also full of intrigue ah, especially the blue body of ultraman, basically at the bottom of the society.But let’s be honest, the universe is full of amazing life, and it’s not even the best at all.Is leaf decay worse in fully living organisms?There was also a creator of the universe, and his name was Drassion.