Changde Housing Provident Fund Management Center launched the National Water-saving publicity Week for public institutions through the management Department of the opening district

2022-08-01 0 By

Rednet Moment Changde, April 1 (Reporter Ding Meng) In order to improve the awareness of water conservation among cadres and the masses, the Management Department of Changde Housing Provident Fund Management Center has actively participated in the 2022 National Water-saving Publicity Week for public institutions.During the event, according to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the Management Department of the Economic development Zone carried out extensive online publicity activities centering on the theme of “Saving Water In China”.First, we advocate cadres and workers to forward water-saving propaganda materials through wechat QQ group and wechat group, and roll water-saving electronic propaganda slogans on LED electronic screens to create a strong publicity atmosphere and guide the masses to deeply practice the concept of green development.Second, organize all employees of the unit to sing the theme song “Water-saving China”, watch propaganda and education videos, and participate in the special answer activities on the “Code of Conduct for Citizens to save water” on the Learning Powerful Country platform, so as to further enhance the sense of responsibility and water-saving consciousness of cadres and employees.Through this national Water-saving publicity Week of public institutions, the water-saving awareness of all staff in the management Department of the Economic development Zone has been enhanced.We all said that water saving and energy saving need to start bit by bit, cherish water resources, together to build green mountains.