Good news!Handan national health insurance negotiations drug “double channel” came

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In order to do a good job in the implementation of negotiation drugs for national medical insurance (hereinafter referred to as negotiation drugs), continuously improve the supply guarantee level of negotiation drugs, and give full play to the convenience role of appointed retail pharmacies, through the efforts of municipal medical security and other departments, the “two-channel” policy of negotiation drugs in Our city was officially implemented.”Double channel” refers to two channels, designated medical institutions and designated retail pharmacies, to meet the reasonable needs of negotiated drugs in terms of supply security and clinical use, so that insured patients can purchase drugs more conveniently and quickly, and use drugs more flexibly and timely.According to the requirements of the “Notice on The” Dual Channel “Management of Negotiated Drugs for National Medical Insurance” (Ji Wei Zi (2021) No. 45) issued by Hebei Provincial Medical Security Bureau and Hebei Provincial Health Commission, the negotiated drugs will be included in the “dual channel” management of Our city.The negotiated drugs included in the “dual-channel” management will be adjusted according to the import and export of negotiated drugs in the national List of insured drugs.Iii. What kind of medical insurance treatment can insured patients enjoy? (I) Insured personnel hospitalized in “double channel” designated medical institutions and purchasing drugs from “double channel” designated retail pharmacies in accordance with the prescribed drug purchase process can enjoy medical insurance treatment according to the reimbursement ratio of three-level designated medical institutions.(ii) If the insured persons purchase negotiated drugs from “Double Channel” designated retail pharmacies during non-hospitalization, and the negotiated drugs are in conformity with the policy of chronic (special) disease in outpatient department of Our city, the reimbursement and settlement shall be made according to the relevant provisions of chronic (special) disease management in outpatient department.How is “double track” electronic prescription flow purchase negotiations drugs, can be made of the “double track” the medical establishment that decide a dot related department health care physicians prescribe electronic (buy tumor drugs, rare diseases treatment such as values, by the “double track” liability physicians prescribe electronic), through the national health information platform the medical establishment that decide a dot interface to upload to the national unified health information platform,Transfer to “double channel” fixed-point retail drugstores.After issuing electronic prescriptions in designated medical institutions of “Double Channel”, log in the small program of “Hebei Smart Medical Insurance” through wechat, drag it to the bottom and click “Electronic Prescription Circulation”, and you can query it.Six, “double track” what are the medical establishment that decide a dot handan city central hospital of hebei university of engineering, the first hospital affiliated hospital of north China in handan fengfeng health group general hospital seven, “double track” designated retail drug store what WeChat login “hebei wisdom health” small program, enter “electronic prescription flow”, click on the “fixed-point query prescription to buy medicine” can be seen,And according to the current location, you can find the nearest “two-channel” fixed-point retail drugstore.Source: Handan Medical Security Bureau