Guzao restaurant in a small town in Guangdong province has sold only one bowl of rice for 20 years, and many outsiders drive to eat it late at night

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A lot of people think braised pork rice is China’s Taiwan province characteristic cate, actually all over the country has good braised pork rice, like guangdong area of lurou rice in the south of the Yangtze river are very famous, braised pork rice, seems to be a cantonese psychological bailment, on a cold night, every moment of hunger, meet people’s stomach, calm the hearts of people, let a person experience the well-developed.Speaking of Guangdong, foodies have to swallow a mouthful of saliva, Guangdong delicious is really too much.Speaking of Huilai, we may be relatively unfamiliar, in fact, the famous Longjiang Town of Longjiang Pig’s foot rice belongs to Huilai County, and Huilai has more than pig’s foot rice.Lu rou rice is the same as pork foot rice, but the ingredients are different and the taste is different.The restaurant I introduce to you today is dedicated to making marinated pork rice.This shop is different from the general store, quite a bit of late night canteen meaning, from 2 PM to 7 am open.Besides, it is far away from the urban area. At the edge of a pier, it is cold late at night, with the sea breeze blowing and the strong smell of fish in the wind. Even in such an environment, there are many strangers who drive to eat this bowl of marinated pork rice late at night, which shows how popular it is.As a matter of fact, their first customers are the fishermen nearby. They go to sea late at night and come back in the morning very hard, so they need to eat a bowl of marinated pork rice to supplement their vitality. This restaurant has been popular for 20 years because of its fresh ingredients and good taste, and it has become a local food card for 20 years, hence the so-called ancient morning flavor.The main ingredient of lu rou rice is, of course, meat.To find the first three fat seven thin or even four fat six thin skin pork belly, and his family even reached 55 points.Such a high proportion of fat and thin, but the person who has eaten feels fat part is the essence instead, fat and not greasy.To reach the point of being fat but not greasy and melting in your mouth, you should soak and boil large pieces of pork belly, blanch for a long time, and then release fat after simmering. In this way, the meat will be soft and waxy in your mouth, and you will feel collagen instead of fat, sticky on your lips, and satisfying in your stomach.Marinated meat is naturally the essence and secret of marinated meat. Only good marinated meat can produce good taste, but you should not cook it too much, otherwise you will lose the taste of the ingredients themselves.The braised pork rice is 15 yuan a, have a bowl of rice, drizzle marinades, taste more sweet, a dish of marinated meat and fish cake Mosaic platter, and free of pickles and tea, very considerate, compared to other parts of the braised pork rice, pig feet rice, the price is not cheap, but for the understanding of the taste and handling of food let a person feel this a eat down really worth the cost.The original intention of this shop is to prepare food for those who go out to sea at midnight and buy seafood. Though it takes time to cook, lu rou rice seems not to adapt to the busy pace of urban people, but it adds a close emotion.