Is junior middle school or senior high school?

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Is junior middle school or senior high school?Middle school is middle school, in Taiwan primary school is called national primary school, junior middle school is called national junior middle school, referred to as national middle school, high school is called senior middle school.Elementary and middle school education is free and compulsory for nine years.In Taiwan, the department responsible for pre-school, primary, secondary and school-age children who cannot attend school is the Department of National Education under the Ministry of Education.There are two educational systems in Taiwan. One is formal education, namely nine-year compulsory education, senior secondary education and higher education.The other is secondary technical vocational education and higher technical vocational education.In formal education, the length of schooling is the same as in the mainland, with 6 years in primary school, 3 years in junior high school and 3 years in senior high school, and 4 years in university.Nine years of compulsory education are strictly enforced, and all children of school age must attend school, or their parents will be punished.There are two levels of upper secondary education, one is a senior high school (high school), which lasts for 3 years, and the other is a senior vocational school, which also lasts for 3 years.What are the characteristics of Education in Taiwan compared with that in mainland China?1. Attach more importance to vocational education.A 5-year specialized education system was established in a long time ago. Later, with the development of industry, various senior vocational schools and specialized schools were promoted, and a technical system of vocational education was formed.2. Private schools account for a large proportion.According to statistics, students in private schools account for more than 60 percent of all college students.3, the investment in education is relatively large.Most urban schools account for more than 30% of total spending.4. Teaching content.The educational content in Taiwan is more practice-oriented, supplemented by theory, and pays more attention to practical ability.