It was against the PLA!Does the US have a new strategy to spy on China?

2022-08-01 0 By

In recent years, the PLA’s growing strength has provided a powerful security guarantee for the Chinese people, but it has also been feared by western powers who have long been jealous of China, especially the United States, which has gone to great lengths to prevent the PLA from becoming stronger.America is trying again to attack the source.According to media reports, the US has opened its solicitation, calling itself “to assess China’s combat readiness” and asking bidders to produce reports on “recruitment information issues for the PLA”.According to the bidding information provided by the United States, bidders are required to compile a “report on the RECRUITMENT of people’s Liberation Army (PLA)”, including information on whether there are differences in the quality of personnel in China’s armed forces, army, air force and other services, and what recruitment work is inadequate, the report said.In addition, the report said, Congress authorized the tender to “rationalize” their “investigation into the strategic theories of China’s military planning” in order to assess their “national security implications.”In summary, the United States is trying to gather military intelligence about China through “recruiting spies,” but this is a very low-grade method.If the United States wants to gain insight into the PLA’s capabilities, it may be best to actively improve communication with China, researchers say.The US has repeatedly expressed its great concern over the recruitment of people’s Liberation Army (PLA) recruits, which reminds us of the CIA’s previous establishment of a “Center for China-related Issues”. At that time, the CIA specifically mentioned in its recruitment criteria that it was best to understand the Chinese dialect.In fact, it is not uncommon for the United States to be afraid of PLA forces.Since the Korean War in 1950, the United States’ stereotype of the PLA has been completely shattered, and more and more American officers have come to realize that the PLA is a force to be reckoned with.Since then, the United States has embarked on a “deep understanding” of the PLA’s capabilities.After entering the new century, our military after into the modernization process, strength, but also repeated American “spying” passion of the people’s liberation army strength, the United States even let those investors in the United States at the risk of “state secrets” touching China, also want to understand the actual situation of the PLA, it is enough to show the level of the United States to the people’s liberation army.However, we need to remind the U.S. that it is better to engage in honest exchanges and friendly cooperation with China than to spy on the Chinese military by various despicable means.Part of reference: China news network, overseas network, Hubei Radio and Television