Orderly!After Harden scored four, Westbrook scored five!

2022-08-01 0 By

How bad can back-to-back NBA MVPS Harden and Westbrook be these days?Just look at the data.Harden scored four points against the Kings and Westbrook scored five points against the Knicks.That’s a shame for mVP-winning stars like Harden and Westbrook.But perhaps their disastrous performances will become the norm.Since joining the Lakers, Westbrook has not only scored a career-low number of points in a game, but he has also been prone to mindless turnovers and air balls.The lakers are ninth in the Western Conference, and it’s hard to see them making the playoffs, let alone making a difference this season.You may be a westbrook fan, but his performance this season is really not to be liked.Whether it’s the distribution of the ball, whether it’s how his teammates fit together, if Westbrook doesn’t adjust quickly, he’s going to be abandoned.The third brother Harden this season’s road is also more and more confused!His ups and downs are largely the result of mental issues, with Irving’s misbehavior, Durant’s injury and Nash’s inane coaching driving Harden crazy in his quest for a title.Harden was out of the game this season because of the new rules, but the Nets didn’t seem to have everything the way harden expected.On the court, we’ve seen a reluctant defense and zero willingness to attack Harden, and off the court, trade rumors are spreading. Maybe it’s time to put an end to it.Once thunder three little smile, and now the eldest brother injured, two elder brother and three younger brother are sliding rapidly, perhaps in not far one day, thunder three little story can only peek in the past video!