Peace: the first case in the province!Unlicensed “wild ice rink” to public interest litigation prosecutors

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In 2022, the successful holding of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the whole people for ice and snow sports, and ice and snow recreation projects ushered in a vigorous development.Coincides with the winter vacation of primary and secondary school students, hunhe, Changbai River in the river a “wild ice rink” is more lively, parents with their children from the hands of the rink owners to rent “skating car” happy to play.The prosecutor of heping District People’s Procuratorate seemed to chat casually with the operator: “Boss, how do you rent this skating cart?” “Twenty yuan to play casually” “Do you rent here every day?””Come every day. I can skate anywhere I circle.”After the prosecutor visited and investigated more than ten large and small skating rink in the river under the jurisdiction of Heping District, it was found that these skating rink are unlicensed operation, and there is no security measures at the scene, most of the children came to play skating.As the saying goes, “Rivers open in seven and nine, wild geese come in nine and nine.” As the temperature rises in spring, the ice surface will gradually melt, crack, floating ice and other problems. If there is no safety supervision, the prosperity of “wild ice rink” will pose a serious threat to the life and safety of ice lovers.”If something goes wrong, who will be responsible and who will oversee it. We hope that ice sports can develop in a safe and orderly way.”Prosecutors said.On February 17, 2022, the People’s Procuratorate of Heping District held a public hearing on the safety supervision of the private skating rink in hunhe and Changbai inland rivers. The prosecutor made a detailed introduction to the investigation of the operation of the skating rink without a license, and the relevant administrative authorities of Heping District made a positive statement on how to strengthen the safety supervision in the future.With the help of the model of “river chief + procurator-general”, the People’s Procuratorate of Heping District gave full play to its procuratorial and supervisory functions and urged administrative organs to strengthen the safety management of private skating rink occupied by hunhe river and Changbai Inland River.”It turned out that we also carried out daily inspections of the ‘wild ice rink’, and most of them were persuasion, but the effect was very little. The law enforcement was unclear as to who should supervise and how to supervise.”Wild ice rink” business activities as usual, can use the procuratorial public interest litigation platform, a number of administrative organs sit together, discuss how to promote joint law enforcement, to standardize related business activities, strengthen safety supervision will have a great promotion.Some administrative department staff said.It is the goal pursued by prosecutors of Heping District People’s Procuratorate when handling every public interest litigation case.The people’s Procuratorate of Heping District also invited the person in charge of heping District Heping Bay Ice and Snow World to attend the public hearing. The person in charge said, “The public hearing of the Procuratorate is timely and it is really necessary to strengthen the safety supervision of ice and snow sports. The hearing also made our employees see the consumer demand of the masses.In the future, we will provide more preferential, high-quality and safe ice and snow sports products to attract people to our company and make it bigger and stronger.”Head to regulate business invitation to attend the hearing, the purpose of heping district people’s procuratorate prosecutors said, “in the face of people’s growing demand a higher level of sports, culture, we in the administrative authorities to strengthen safety supervision at the same time, a more active role and to innovation, procuratorial service on demand to provide quality, build Bridges,Encourage the government and enterprises to provide more, better and safer ice and snow amusement projects to meet the people’s pursuit of a better life.”The Winter Olympic Games has aroused the skating fever of people all over the country. I believe that with the judicial warmth of the procuratorial organs, the ice and snow sports in Heping District will also develop better and better under the premise of safety.Here, prosecutors also want to remind the general public: ice and snow sports, physical fitness, but life safety is not to be ignored, please stay away from dangerous waters and ice, choose regular places, safe ice play.