SONY’s AI project GT Sophy has been featured on the cover of Nature magazine, beating the winner

2022-08-01 0 By

SONY has officially unveiled its Gran Turismo Sophy, a racing AI that was launched in April 2020 and has already been able to beat champion GT Sport players.”What makes Gran Turismo Sophy unique is that in highly realistic driving simulation games like GT, players are required to consider braking, course, speed, direction, and play games with opponents at high speed,” SONY said. “This makes Gran Turismo Sophy more groundbreaking than previous AI players in board games.”SONY AI said it is exploring how to bring GT Sophy to future titles in the GT series.Prof Chris Gerdes, of Stanford University, who co-wrote the study, which was published in The journal Nature, said: ‘Beating an outstanding human driver in a head-on race could be a landmark achievement for AI.’In the future, he thinks GT Sophy could help in autonomous driving.