Takeout guy shows off his skills on the street?Guangzhou traffic police out!

2022-08-01 0 By

A takeout boy shows off his skills on the street, wiggling his car and enjoying it?After receiving a netizen report, guangzhou traffic police shot!The reporter learned from the traffic police department of guangzhou public Security that on February 11, a netizen reported that there was a food delivery boy in conghua street who turned up the front end of his electric bicycle in the process of driving.Video footage shows a man dressed in food delivery clothes riding an electric bike with the front end of the bike lifted high and one leg sticking out at times.Illegal modification of vehicles, drag racing “blast street”, competitive chase…It not only affects the road traffic environment, but also seriously harms the social order.The police will crack down on such illegal activities and punish them severely.Guangzhou traffic police remind, the road is not a racing track, the majority of drivers do not blindly pursue stimulation, buy their own and other people’s life safety in disregard, once the accident will be too late to regret.Source: Oceanic Net