The dark deep monster has been besieged and suppressed for hundreds of millions of years. Why has it not been eradicated from beginning to end?

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Introduction: Booby Trap, also known as the Ancient creatures, has been doomed to the decline of this race since the end of the ancient times when the rules of heaven and earth began to change, and the ancient creatures gradually lost the ability to reproduce, this race, will be accompanied by the rise of some of the weaker races and gradually decline.Plot to do so, the ancient creatures gradually decline, Terran, such as dragon, phoenix, the necromancer ethnic gradually rise, is the natural spirit of the long war broke out, the status of the ancient creatures in the universe the heavens gradually shift from on high to take a back seat, and then to finally the ghost of the ancient times, under the guidance of ghost progenitor, completely calm the dark abyss.In this instance, its personal attitude is ancient creatures could not continue to survive in this environment, but the reality is that ancient creatures did survive, and, from the point of today’s comprehensive strength, swire twelve although than the size of the upper bound of the overall strength, but compared to heaven or a hell world, just a little too much,If a few more powerful beings emerge from the Great Pluto Mountain, it is not impossible to outperform either heaven or hell in overall strength.To this, people puzzled is, why ancient creatures can be like leek, after being harvested one crop after another, but also can spring breeze blowing again?According to the chapter “Curse Wounded”, there is a paragraph of Feng Tian’s summary: “Even if the ancestor can not destroy them, when the ancestor died, they will emerge again, and rapidly grow, this may be the only thing they are still strong, born infinite, the body crown the same realm, the group can quickly become strong.Through this section of the plot can know, the ancient creatures can be in the dark deep was calm after hundreds of millions of years to survive, the most important reason, is from this race is born is infinite fierce (only pure blood taikoo royal).But it would still be confusing to look at this alone, because it only explains the rapid rise of the Ancient creatures, not how they were unable to destroy their ancestors in the time when they were born in the upper world.Imagine that in some personality is the father of good times, perhaps will not have any dark abyss of ancient creatures too move (such as Ming Wang Dazun, just put down ten yuan will JinYao), and if in some not so good before the father of such as the big o, it is hard to imagine that they will not be from the dark abyss swire creatures.Relying on an ancestor class, plus countless armies of gods, it seems that it is not a difficult thing to wipe out the twelve tribes of taigu, but why taigu creatures have not been encircled clean?Short-short personally think that the particularity of reason may be that dark abyss, as one of five prehistoric civilization ruins, the deepest darkness of the deep, must be a special force, and this force, even the first level to destroy the strong didn’t also the way easily, so ancient creatures to be able with the tactical advantage born again when the spring breeze blows.Of course, it may also be the strong (man and advantage) of The Great Pluto Mountain. It does not mean that the ancient creatures could not be born again. For example, the chaos tribe among the ancient creatures is a star race.And above all, ancient creatures are also able to survive in this period, the timing is certainly can’t use (after all, it is because the change of the rules of heaven and earth and lead to the decline of the ancient creatures), so left out days, leaves the geographical and human advantages, as to whether these two kind of or both, the affair is less clear.Finally, how did the ancient creatures escape the cleansing of hundreds of millions of years?Welcome to leave a message in the comment section, long press “like”, one key three even, thank you for your support.Novel chronicle original, declined to be reproduced without authorization!Pictures from the network, if there is infringement please contact delete.