Bluetooth lapel microphone featuring HD noise reduction, reviewed by Sabine Smart Bag No. 1

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With the rise of live broadcasting platform and Vlog short video, more and more people are doing live broadcasting. However, both live broadcasting and Vlog short video need the assistance of sound picking equipment. Some people may say that mobile phones are getting better and better now, aren’t the recorded sound clear enough?However, it is not as powerful as professional sound picking equipment. After all, like live broadcasting and short videos, they need to fight against external noise, otherwise the effect of sound picking will be poor. If you are outdoors, you may not even hear what you say.This time you need a professional pickup device, so today I will give you share a professional pickup device, that is the wisdom of wheat from sabine small move 1, sabine this brand I believe many people who do Vlog short video and live know, this is a professional in the field of acoustic audio consumer electronics brand, its products are also a lot of,This launch of the Sabine Smart mic small move 1 is the latest product, is also a flagship hd noise reduction bluetooth collar microphone.So let’s go ahead with a simple box, on the packaging of it, the plug of the packaging of wheat small move 1 part is very delicate, positive is the product of the material object rendering, is the product of various parameters and information on the back, when open the package, also can see the product was wrapped very good, can guarantee the safety of the product.In terms of accessories, there are mainly Sabin Smart Wheat Board No. 1, windproof wool cover, sponge cover, earphone, data line and instruction manual. The accessories are also relatively complete.Looking at the appearance details of the product, the appearance of Sapin Smart Mobile no. 1 can be said to be very small, the size of 59*15*15mm, the size of no. 5 battery is similar, and the weight is only 14g, so it is also very light.In terms of shell material, the smart Mai Small move No. 1 is also made of aluminum alloy, which is more durable. At the same time, the shape is also very simple and fashionable, especially the Sabine logo on the front is very conspicuous.The top is designed with a full-point hi-fi head, which can provide 360° surround sound effect. The details of the sound are not missed in daily use, and the sound is real and clear. There is a 3.5mm headphone hole on the side, which can connect the monitoring earphone and realize the function of ear return.The red button on the side should be regarded as a function button, which integrates startup, shutdown and recording functions. One-click operation can be realized through the red button, which is very convenient.There is a charging interface at the bottom, and type-C charging scheme is adopted for charging. The 110mAh lithium battery is built in, which can meet the needs of daily use.Sapin smart move No. 1 adopts the back clip fixed mode, and printed with the Brand logo of Sapin, so that the use of more limitations.The design of this back clip, or very scientific, can meet our daily needs, especially in the outdoors, can be directly clipped on the sweater, or bag can be.In its accessories also equipped with wind cap and sponge cover, make it easy to use for our daily pickup, and also improve the quality of the pickup, wind cap and sponge cover are frequently used items, when outdoor filming, the effects of the wind noise is very big, set up the wind cap and sponge cover, it can improve the wind noise problems, improve effect of radio.This time, there is another accessory that must be mentioned, that is the earphone. This earphone is also called monitoring earphone, and its function is to realize the function of ear return. Then I will explain the specific details in the experience section.On the below for the experience, experience personally, I think is very simple, no tedious part on the operation, first to download to sabine of wheat small move 1 APP, can scan through the use of the manual for download “sabine vowel” and then to the bluetooth connection can be used, and also need not use the blessing at the receiving end, direct use, particularly convenient.Sabine smart wheat small move no. 1 this is the main noise reduction ability, and built-in Qualcomm chip and Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and equipped with Sabine own research and development of the core based full frequency noise reduction technology, support software level 4 noise reduction adjustable, hardware level 2 noise reduction adjustable.In fact, I really think the APP of “Sabin Vowel” is really powerful and convenient to use, such as teleprompter function, subtitle generation function, filter selection during video recording, etc., are commendable. Then I will mainly explain the functions of teleprompter and subtitle generation function in detail.First talk about the teleprompter function, through this can achieve the text first edit, and then read directly through the teleprompter can, especially for the video often forget words to record several times of trouble.The caption generation again, I remember when you after good audio or video recording, subtitles are one play, special troubles, and by the subtitles generator, can be directly will you recorded audio or video with subtitles, this not only improve the work efficiency, but also save time, the most important is to generate subtitles if there are any errors,You can also edit and adjust it directly.At ordinary times, whether we are indoors or outdoors, I personally think it is quite necessary to use this windproof cover and sponge cover, because these two small accessories can not only filter noise, but also effectively prevent spitters from splashing on the microphone, protect the equipment, and reduce wind noise in outdoor use.With my current use habits, I generally use sponge cover indoors, and then outdoor use, I will take the wind cover, so that it can better wind noise reduction effect, but also let the sound quality has a great improvement.Experience of the last part, I talk about return function, wheat to sabine wisdom little BanZhi 1 is equipped with headphones, I’ve talked about you, so how to use, is also very simple, as long as the plug headphones on a 3.5 mm headphone jack will be able to connect to monitor headphones, ear return functions, the usefulness of so, actually speak simple point is when you’re shooting video,Achieve real-time ear return, which means you can hear what you are saying, especially if you can hear your own voice clearly in a noisy environment.From the perspective of the experience of this period of time, mai to sabine wisdom little move 1 is indeed very good, first of all, appearance is very delicate, and USES is the design of the jacket type, so also can be placed directly on the collar or bags, special convenient, followed by the function also is the main core base all frequency noise reduction technology, also support software level 4 noise reduction is adjustable, adjustable hardware 2 levels of noise reduction,So the noise reduction effect is really good, the last is some operation is very simple and very practical, such as a teleprompter, subtitles, filters, etc. These are very practical, if you are a live, or a Vlog short video creators, need to pick up the equipment, so a little move 1 is absolutely your right choice.