The Spring Festival holiday jiange village culture tourism “hot” up

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Tourists take photos with the cute “tiger”.Miao Zhiyong China News on February 4 (Miao Zhiyong) During the Spring Festival, Sichuan Province, The city of Jiangye County village tour, near outing has become a new fashion in tourism, tourists call friends, support the old and young, have to go out of the house, outing, close to nature, enjoy the Spring Festival holiday.During the Spring Festival holiday, with the title of the most beautiful village under the sword mountain, “Double Flag Beautiful village” is bursting with popularity. The former Hometown of Shu Road has now become the first choice for tourists to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and return to the countryside to enjoy a slow life.Several children are learning how to make traditional lanterns.MiaoZhiYong In jiange non-material cultural heritage sheep on the hill of cloth art beanie intangible classroom scene, tourists by the sheep on the hill beanie embroidery tradition man and his team, under the guidance of their intangible “shoes” tiger lamp “, “think of opportunely intangible hands one hand moving fingertips, is permeated with thick NianWeiEr, let one thousand inherit traditional intangible really can see, hear, may experience.Cliff sword door restaurant characteristics of forest products, agricultural special local cooking series New Year wishes, introduced the category is rich, meaning and form a series New Year wishes, introduced the category is rich, tasty Italian shape nice dinner a variety of themes, to the masses of tourists in double flag of the village to celebrate the Spring Festival can also taste the authentic self.The pet show attracts many visitors.Miao Zhiyong mirror of the sky, as the most amazing clocking point in double Flag Beauty village, has attracted many tourists to take photos here. In it, people are like hanging above the blue sky, picturesque, very wonderful.And sitting on the top of the photo, not only the mountains for company, but also the sky for support, all can see the natural scenery, are perfectly integrated in the photo, beautiful.”We had a great time today, especially when we went to the mirror of the Sky to take photos. It felt like the sky merged with us. It was so wonderful and fun.””Said Zheng Yuan, a tourist.The pet park is most popular among visitors, especially children. Accompanied by their families, children here give close contact, feed and pet the animals, and have fun, presenting a beautiful picture of harmony between man and nature.”The small animals here let us feel the breath of nature, let me feel the charm of nature, so we should love the small animals, and animals, and nature in harmony.””Said tourist Liang Ting.Intangible cultural heritage embroidery production of “tiger” cultural goods.Miao Zhiyong this year is the Year of Yin tiger, Double flag Beauty village in each point implanted tiger elements, attract tourists to punch the card to take photos, at the same time, but also launched cute pet stage show and other programs, increase the fun of playing, welcomed by tourists.In the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, Shuangqi Beauty Village welcomes the first Lunar New Year since it was put into operation. After the magnificent transformation of the former Shu road, the original village is taking on a new look to welcome the arrival of the New Year.Shuangqi villagers who once relied on the weather to eat now have eaten the tourism meal at home, some become the administrator of the people’s dormitory home, for tourists to present a welcome home;Some into the property team, for tourists to provide meticulous;Some have joined mountain markets to sell agricultural products to a roaring success, creating a vivid picture of rural revitalization with the prosperity of people, industries and villages.(after)