Comment on Yuan: Pressure and strength

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Xu Mengtao for the Chinese delegation to take down the hardware, the dream finally come true.Xu Mengtao won the championship tore heart crack lung like cry “I am the first?Am I number one?”Then he and the American athletes hugged and cried.At this moment, the pressure that had been building up in her heart for years finally burst out.Do you know how much pressure Xu Mengtao heart?Do you know how much pressure the women on the freestyle aerials team are under?In 1998 Nagano Winter Olympic Games, The Chinese woman runner Xu Nannan won the silver medal in this new event, which inspired the Chinese athletes to strive for gold.But more than 20 years later, and in six Winter Olympics, Chinese women have won four silver MEDALS but failed to turn them into gold.In 2006, Han Xiaopeng won the men’s gold medal at the Turin Winter Olympics, which further aroused the desire of Chinese women athletes for gold MEDALS.And Li Nina two consecutive and gold medal missed as a pity.In 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games, the author once interviewed Xu Mengtao and her sister Li Nina on the spot. Xu Mengtao, who had participated in the Winter Olympic Games for the first time, came out with pressure and fell down on the piste. It should be said that the sixth place was already good for a young athlete who had participated in the Olympic Games for the first time, but Xu Mengtao has since left the pressure of winning gold to himself.Four years later, she fell short in Sochi, eight years later in Pyeongchang, and despite 27 world titles and several world No. 1 rankings, fate seemed to play a trick on her. The Winter Olympics became an uphill struggle, and the pressure mounted.Xu mengtao, who has undergone four operations on her injured leg, made her fourth platform appearance at the Winter Olympics and lost the gold medal in the highly anticipated mixed team event at the last minute.However, Xu Mengtao’s strength and perseverance is a magic weapon to overcome pressure, the biggest age of the audience unexpectedly used the biggest difficulty, shocking and admirable, fate also finally favor this indomitable, brave, persistent, fearless winter Olympics “four veteran”.I hate the phrase, don’t put pressure on the athletes.In particular, some teams often blame their losses on pressure from all sides and even the media, which is not true.Stress tolerance is a quality and ability that an athlete, especially a high-level athlete, must possess.Stress is not a matter of having it and not having it.Athletes at a high level of competition, how to resist pressure, how to turn pressure into motivation, is your strength.People without pressure light, well without pressure without oil.A strong ability to resist pressure, the strength will be stronger, this is the simple relationship between pressure and strength.Xu Mengtao is a role model.Copyright notice: All rights reserved by Beijing News Group.