Science and technology innovation board listed and meeting enterprises up to 10 Chengdu high-tech Zone enterprises aviation UAV science and technology innovation board meeting

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Chengdu, China Economic News (Zhang Li) On February 25, the Shanghai Stock Exchange released the results of the 12th Deliberation Meeting of the Party Committee of the Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2022. Avic (Chengdu) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System Co., LTD. ‘s application for listing (IPO) was approved, becoming the first enterprise to pass the meeting in Chengdu high-tech Zone this year.It also marks the birth of the 10th enterprise listed on the science and technology Innovation Board in Chengdu High-tech Zone.Since this year, Chengdu High-tech Zone has jiayuan Technology, Kun Hengshunwei and other two enterprises have landed in the capital market;Haichuang Pharmaceutical has been approved for registration by CSRC, lihang Technology has been approved by CSRC, and will be listed soon.Avic UAV was registered and established in Chengdu High-tech Zone in 2007. Avic UAV is a comprehensive solution provider focusing on the systematic, multi-scene and full life of large fixed-wing long-endurance UAV system, mainly engaged in the design and development, production, manufacturing, sales and service of UAV system.The company’s products mainly include wing-Loong 1, Wing-LOong 1D, Wing-Loong 2 and other large fixed-wing long-endurance uav systems, which are capable of long-endurance, fully autonomous multiple control modes, multiple composite reconnaissance means, multiple payload weapon integration, accurate reconnaissance and strike capabilities and comprehensive flexible support and support capabilities.Among them, Wing Loong -1D is the first type of domestic fully laminated multi-purpose large uav.Wing Loong series uav system has become a name card of “Made in China”, and the products and related technologies have won the 5th China Industry Awards, the first prize, the second prize and the third prize of the National Defense Science and Technology Progress Award.The company plans to raise 1.64 billion yuan, according to its prospectus.Among them, 971 million yuan will be used for uav system development and industrialization projects, 469 million yuan will be used for technical research and r&d capacity improvement projects, and 200 million yuan will be used to supplement working capital.”Science and innovation board enterprises can be regarded as one of the important indicators of regional science and innovation strength and capital activity.”The continuous improvement of regional science and innovation attributes and the continuous vitality of the capital market can not be separated from the continuous optimization of the business environment.”Chengdu High-tech Zone science and technology and talent work bureau relevant person said.In recent years, focusing on the cultivation of city label leading enterprises in science and technology, Chengdu High-tech Zone has issued policies from the perspectives of talent development, innovation platform, intellectual property rights, business incubation, enterprise cultivation, science and technology finance to promote innovation-driven high-quality development and foster innovative enterprise clusters.In addition, a four-level gradient cultivation system of “seed stage baby eagle enterprise – Gazelle enterprise – unicorn (potential) enterprise – platform ecological leading enterprise” has been established. According to the growth needs of enterprises in the whole life cycle, targeted cultivation and support have been carried out, and the gradient cultivation service mechanism of “PI-IP – IPO” enterprises in the whole life cycle has been continuously improved.In order to support technology enterprises to grow bigger and stronger, Chengdu High-tech Zone has also continuously improved the listing training services for enterprises.The reporter learned from the Bureau of Science and Technology and Talents of Chengdu High-tech Zone that the zone has continuously improved the service mechanism for cultivating listed backup enterprises and built a one-stop comprehensive service platform for listed backup enterprises.To promote the development of enterprises in the region, the gradient cultivation system of five-level listed reserve enterprises and the “five” service system of listing work are established, which includes “gradient cultivation of listing, standardization of listing services, personalized problem solving, chain of supporting policies and systematic listing training”.The regional business environment is constantly improving. At the Conference on Optimizing the Business Environment held on February 8, Chengdu High-tech Zone released “ten key plans” to optimize the business environment and put forward “six ecology” to improve the business environment.Among them, it is clear that 60 billion yuan industrial fund will be set up this year, industrial development “partners” will be widely collected, and professional investment institutions will be invited for capital cooperation.A special fund of 2 billion yuan will be set up to bring in urgently needed leaders in scientific and technological innovation and industrial innovation, with a maximum support of 20 million yuan for leading personnel and 100 million yuan for scientific and technological innovation teams.At present, the total number of listed and approved companies in Chengdu High-tech Zone reaches 55, among which 3 new listed and approved companies are added this year.In addition, 5 companies have formally submitted listing applications to the Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong stock exchanges, 17 companies have been assisted by the Sichuan Securities Regulatory Bureau for filing, more than 50 companies have completed share reform, a total of more than 120 companies have been listed on the New Third Board, and more than 1,400 companies have been listed on the Tianfu (Sichuan) Joint Equity Exchange Center.