Women’s Asian Cup match 1, Vietnam women’s 2-0 Thailand women’s

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Thailand women’s Football team play Vietnam women’s football in the 2022 Asian Women’s Cup at 16:00 On February 2, 2022 Beijing time.Thailand lost to Japan in the quarterfinals, while Vietnam lost to China.Australia, who also lost in the quarterfinals, are co-hosts of the next women’s World Cup (the other hosts are New Zealand), while Thailand, Vietnam and Chinese Taipei will play a round-robin match for the last spot to qualify directly for the women’s World Cup.The first 10 minutes, Vietnam team from the right to break through the cross knock middle, Huang Ru sway open defense a foot push, but unfortunately this foot shot hit too right.In the 19th minute, Vietnam’s Chen Shitong sent a cross from the right side. There was a mistake between the Thai defender and the goalkeeper in the penalty area. Fan Haiyan cleverly cut back the ball and Huang Ru pushed the ball into the net to give Vietnam a 1-0 lead.The 23rd minute, Vietnam team front right corner kick, CAI Grass in front of the header into the goal, Vietnam team 2-0 lead.The 39th minute, Vietnam took the lead against their left attack to make personnel adjustment, Silver shi everything on stage, replaced Ruan Shi Mei Ying.In the 46th minute, The Vietnamese team took a corner kick from the right, huang Ru headed the ball to the back point, substitute Yin Shi Shi shot, the ball wide of the bar.At the end of the first half, Vietnam women’s football team led Thailand 2-0.The 47th minute, The Vietnamese team quickly counterattack, Huang Ru sent a foot straight plug, Fan Haiyan faced the goalkeeper to choose a direct push shot, the ball hit the post bounced back to be held by the goalkeeper.Only a minute later, The Vietnamese team sent out a straight plug in the middle of the road, Huang Ru received the ball forward, dribbled the ball to the line of the big penalty area to open the defense, on the spot shot into the far corner of the goal, but unfortunately after the referee VAR reminder, Huang Ru received the ball before the offside, the goal was invalid.The 54 th minute, the Vietnamese team substitution, Ruan Shi Qingya, Yang Shi Yun play, replace Chen Shi hang makeup, CAI Shi cao.The 63rd minute, The Vietnamese team again for two people, Fan Haiyan and Ruan shi Bi Chui off the field, ruan Shi Xue Yin and Fan Huang Qiong.In the 79th minute, Thai captain Sina Win flicked a shot from her right foot in the penalty area just wide of the bar and over the baseline.In the 84th minute, Nguyen Thi Thanh Yap forced a break from the right and shot from a small Angle. The ball hit the defender’s leg and flew over the baseline.In the 88th minute, Nguyen Thi Thanh Nga broke through and was brought down by Thailand’s last defender, Ganzana Bong, who was sent off. Nguyen Thi Thi Nga shot from a free kick just wide of the bar.In the end, The Vietnamese women’s football team defeated the Thai women’s football team 2-0.