New Year crowds busy cleaning yangjiang urban garbage volume increase

2022-08-04 0 By

The Spring Festival is coming, the public have to clean their homes, clean to welcome the arrival of the New Year, so also produce a lot of household garbage.In recent days, more than 800 urban sanitation workers have been working overtime to clean streets and neighborhoods and remove garbage to ensure a clean and tidy environment for residents to welcome the Arrival of the Spring Festival.This morning, the reporter in Ma Cao village concentric garbage collection point to see, sanitation workers are busy with the old stool, table and other large furniture transport on the car, soon the old sofa, cabinets, stools piled up with a vehicle.According to the south en cleaning team related personnel, the cleaning team is mainly responsible for the south en streets and parts of the north of the city street cleaning work, before the Spring Festival due to the public busy cleaning, they cleaning within the scope of the amount of living garbage increased.City sanitation center South en cleaning team captain Pang Zhiqiang: The Spring Festival is approaching, the amount of garbage than usual increased by three times, people in the process of sanitation, the old furniture, household garbage are a lot of cleaning out, we are now organizing sanitation workers to work overtime to clean up, every day to ensure that the garbage daily.In the process of cleaning up the garbage, the sanitation workers also found that some people do not have a strong sense of hygiene, and throw away the old and bulky items at will.As these items are large, take up space and difficult to clean, they also increase the difficulty for sanitation workers.City sanitation center South en cleaning team captain Pang Zhiqiang: when the public cleaning up the family old furniture, will throw the old furniture, throw on the roadside, garbage cans, throw around, I hope the public to put these old furniture in the designated old furniture collection point, convenient for us to clean up, but also to maintain the city appearance and environmental health.It is understood that the current urban cleaning personnel have 879 people, cleaning area of 11.5 million square meters.Recently, due to the mass clean-up, the daily garbage removal volume reached 850 tons.Work for the sanitation cleaning before the Spring Festival, the city sanitation center deployment in advance, arrange cleaner to work overtime pickup, will life trash pickup frequency from the day the qing, adjusted for uninterrupted, loop pickup, and arrange a streetcar named esau overtime cleaning to 10 PM, also please 2 big hook arm machinery outside help pickup, work overtime to ensure that the garbage nissan nissin,Ensure that the city is clean and tidy.At the same time, the city sanitation center also in the downtown sunshine garden, Star source and other 10 garbage transfer stations set up large garbage old furniture temporary placement points, convenient for the masses to place and discard large garbage, practical for the masses.Text: Guan Xiutong camera: Mo Dinggang