The fourth day of the first lunar month is the start of spring, don’t forget: 1 drink, 2 eat, do 3 things, the year of the tiger good luck, spring family prosperity

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The beginning of Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms.Li, which means “beginning”;Spring represents warmth and growth.A year’s plan in the spring, the arrival of spring officially opened the prelude to spring, from this day on, the ice and snow disappear, vegetation grow, the beginning of all things.It was the end of winter and the beginning of spring.Beginning of Spring has been a major festival since ancient times, dating back at least 3,000 years.In ancient times, the emperor would personally lead three princes and nine ministers to the eastern suburbs to welcome spring and pray for a good harvest.This activity also influenced the folk, and then slowly evolved into spring welcome activities.Each solar term has its own folk customs. Start of Spring is the first solar term of the New Year and also the first solar term of spring.So what are some traditional customs in the capital of the 24 solar terms?Drinking spring tea at the beginning of spring, also known as “Simmering spring”, is mainly popular in Zhejiang province.But tea here does not refer to “tea”.Instead, red beans, osmanthus flowers, oranges and so on are simmered with brown sugar until thoroughly cooked.Another option is to chop up grapefruit, pair it with black or white beans, and cook it with tea.On the first day of Spring, many people choose to eat seasonal vegetables, such as Chunjiu (leek), chunya (bean sprout), and Chunbo (spinach).These vegetables are seasonal vegetables at this time, nutrition and freshness are very high, and the beginning of spring to eat spring vegetables have the meaning of welcoming the New Year.In some places, spring vegetables are made into spring cakes, spring plates and spring rolls, which means “biting spring”.Welcoming Spring is an important folk activity of The start of Spring. It is usually held one day before the start of Spring in order to bring back spring and the God ju Mang.Mang god is the god of vegetation and life, also known as the “spring god”. It is said that Mang god has a bird body and is in charge of spring.As early as in ancient times, there was the custom of setting up the east hall to welcome spring, from which we can see that the saying of Mang God has a long history.The main purpose of the custom is to welcome the arrival of spring and express people’s good expectations for a good harvest in the New Year.The custom of treading spring first came from the ancient imperial court. On this day, a clay ox was made in front of the palace and then smashed, commonly known as “treading spring”.Until now, many places still have the custom of beating the spring ox. Before the start of Spring, people make the spring ox with mud, and women and children will walk around the spring ox three times, which is said to avoid disease.Another is to urge farming in the form of beating the spring ox (meaning to knock off the laziness of the spring ox).As the saying goes, “The beginning of Spring is greater than the beginning of the Year”. Sacrifice is one of the most important folk activities during the solar term of The beginning of Spring, which mainly includes sacrifice to the spring god and sacrifice to ancestors.Ancestor worship is usually only held in important festivals, such as New Year, Lantern Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc., while ancestor worship at the beginning of Spring also shows that people attach importance to the start of Spring solar term.Its implication changes evil spirit to eliminate disaster, pray najib.This article is edited/original by John Fan, welcome to pay attention to, take you with knowledge!If you do not understand the place, I hope you put forward in the comments area below.If you also like my article, remember to “like” + “follow” + “forward”.