Xiangtan County has launched a series of recruitment activities to solve the “recruitment difficulties” of enterprises

2022-08-04 0 By

On February 11, xiangtan online (xiangtan daily media reporter Wang Xitai correspondent Amplify jeng) for further implement the “rescue” special support action, since the Spring Festival, the xiangtan county actively organized 2022 county “spring breeze action” – industrial enterprises “rescue efficiency” series of recruiting activity, fully guaranteed to return to work and production enterprises, to promote employment focus groups,We will maintain stable employment and help enterprises recruit workers, provide convenient and efficient channels for job seekers and employers, and effectively solve the recruitment difficulties and labor shortages of enterprises.On February 8, a total of 48 enterprises participated in the 2022 Xiangtan County “Spring Breeze Action” — Industrial enterprises “Rescue and efficiency Enhancement” Zhonglupu Town special job fair, providing more than 8,000 positions and reaching more than 1,000 job seekers.February 10, Jinshi township special job fair a total of more than 30 enterprises participated, involving chemical, electronics, machinery, education and other industries, providing general engineering, management, research and development, finance, sales and other more than 100 jobs, attracted more than 500 people to apply, more than 100 job seekers and employers reached an agreement on employment intention.In view of this year’s industrial enterprises “rescue efficiency” recruitment activities, Xiangtan County actively take a number of measures, and strive to do a good job of “two linkage, a compaction” : actively linked city, county department of human and social security, select a number of high-quality, key enterprises to participate in the job fair;Key linkage county veterans affairs Bureau, women’s Federation, disabled persons’ Federation and other county organs and units, fully launched all kinds of job seekers to attend the conference;Layers of compaction responsibility, give full play to the role of social security (assistant), for the employment of difficult groups, do door-to-door publicity, and strive to send job information to each job seeker.As of February 10, Xiangtan County this year organized a total of 12 “rescue efficiency enhancement” special job fair, 87 enterprises participated in the meeting, provided more than 15,000 positions, attracted more than 10,000 job seekers, the scene to achieve employment intentions of 1,539 people.>>Return to Xiangtan online home page