Zhongzhou Avenue Primary School, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou, China

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Reading is a kind of meeting, reading is a kind of agreement, reading is a kind of growth, reading is a kind of life.Holding a classic, immersed in a book;Read professional works, educational wisdom.Reading, meet a better self!Zhu Yongxin, an educational scholar, once said: “Teachers’ reading is not only the premise of students’ reading, but also the premise of the whole education.”There is a natural connection between reading and teacher’s growth. The value of teacher’s reading lies in that it is the source of professional growth.At the beginning of the winter vacation, the Chinese teachers of The middle grade group of Zhongzhou Avenue Primary School in Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou continued to read Suhomlinsky’s “Suggestions for Teachers” to broaden their horizons, increase their wisdom and draw strength in reading.If you want to walk fast, walk alone; if you want to walk far, walk together. We read books and punch in the wechat group every day to share our thoughts and inspire each other to move forward.There is a Hamlet in one thousand people’s mind, read the classics together, let us harvest full, let us walk into the Chinese grade group’s thoughts and understanding!Mr. Zhou Wei: Every teacher is eager to learn a lot of things.So how do you get there?Suhomlinsky points the way: “Read books as the first spiritual need, as food for the hungry.You have to be interested in reading, you have to love reading, you have to be able to sit down in front of a book and think deeply.”Make reading a lifelong thing, because all you read is your intellectual background for learning;The more you read each day, the more backup time you have.By forcing yourself to read every day, and gradually making reading a habit as natural as eating, brushing your teeth, or washing your face, you have the best opportunity for self-improvement.Song Second fang teacher Suhomlinsky proposed to “teach students according to their aptitude”, teachers must have a detailed understanding of this “individual” “material”, for different students to create their own ability to play the learning situation.The book gave me a good piece of advice: read.Reading is one of the effective ways to save the teacher’s time.Reading is not to cope with, but from the need of the heart and the thirst for knowledge!We should not complain about too little time and too many things.Instead, we should seize every available time to enrich our knowledge.Secondly, “Talk about working with underachievers” changed my perspective and accepted that “underachievers can be transformed.”What touched me most about this book was his respect and love for students.Teacher Sun Yannxia: Suhomlinsky’s Advice to Teachers is a combination of her own teaching experience of more than 30 years and continuous attempts to sum up a lot of practical and effective methods, giving educators a lot of inspiration.More importantly, we teach children how to learn how to be a man, how to learn how to learn independence, how to learn to think, how to learn to read, how to learn to comprehensively improve themselves in labor, and really become a useful person to the society.There are individual differences in each child, so we are not able to cultivate all the students, so we can cultivate them to be a person with correct value orientation, can subtly infiltrate their soul to know how to be grateful, distinguish beauty and ugliness, so that they have the courage to face difficulties, have the ability to survive independently!So we will guide children in learning, labor experience pay will have a harvest of happiness, to feel positive energy in the books, feel the survival of perseverance!I believe that as long as our students have strong willpower, we should be able to teach students to read at the same time to recognize themselves and the world, so that they can draw the most valuable things from books, and live in the world of books, let their life bloom brilliance!Teacher Guo Jing: “Advice to Teachers” covers pedagogy, psychology, educational psychology, etc. It is a highly professional monograph on education.There are also a large number of case studies in the book to help us understand the author’s educational ideas and methods. It is a book on education that teachers like to read.Such a rich and instructive book not only enables new teachers to learn highly operable scientific teaching methods, but also enables teachers with rich teaching experience to constantly reflect on whether their teaching logic and teaching behavior are in accordance with the law and whether it is beneficial to the sustainable development of students’ body and mind.It is my honor to have read it when I just joined the company and read it again after more than ten years of teaching experience.Mr. He Xinyun: Advice to Teachers by Suhomlinsky has a profound influence in the educational circle. When I first got this book and started to read it, I was attracted by the practical educational theories and cases.To feel the education advocated by Suhomlinsky as a whole: 1. Pay special attention to guiding students to go to the “source” of thinking — nature, observe the surrounding things in nature, and think about the mutual relationship between things.Pay attention to the effect of books on students.More than once, Suhomlinsky emphasized that students should read and love books.And teach them to read.No matter excellent students or poor students, in the world of books, they can discover their thinking and make progress.3. Pay attention to students’ physical and mental work.In Soviet schools, there were many study groups and interest groups, in which students found their interests and abilities, allowing physical and mental work to be effectively combined and mutually reinforcing.Of course, there are a lot of educational theories mentioned in this book that I need to learn. In the future, I will settle down to teach and educate seriously, and respect every student.Zhai Holy teacher: Suhomlinsky is the idol of the majority of teachers, he believes that children, respect children, with the mind to shape the mind of the thought is the treasure of the treasure house of educational thought, his education practice also guides thousands of teachers.Reading his Advice to Teachers, my biggest impression is that many of the phenomena listed in the book make people feel empathy, their own confusion can be solved in the book, and people unconsciously reflect on a certain scene associated with teaching.It is the happiness of our youth that we can improve ourselves on the basis of previous theories and practices.Teacher Ren Jing: Reading is the best practice for teachers.Suhomlinsky told us that the professional growth of teachers is actually a process of two transformations, namely “reading – heritage – teaching”. The first transformation is from reading to heritage, which is a process of accumulation, and the second transformation is from heritage to teaching, which is a process of creation.A teacher’s foundation is built on books.Read more books, not necessarily deep.However, do not read, read less, is certainly no deposits.Yu Yongzheng’s words are also very enlightening to me, he said: “many people ask me why my class content is very rich, in fact, I usually pay attention to accumulation, pay attention to obtain more knowledge from reading, from reading to find a way to quickly extract information.Teacher Chen Juan: IN the process of reading, I have gained a lot from the fresh style of Suhomlinsky.He does not offer empty theoretical guidance, but rather offers his knowledge and experience of education in the form of advice.He doesn’t like big and empty lectures. Instead, he goes deep into your heart and connects with the reality of educational life. He uses many vivid examples and practical experiences to illustrate the boring basic views of pedagogy and psychology vividly.The whole book is a heartwarming and inspiring one, with insights about education that are worth reading and savoring again and again.Teacher Zhou Wei is our reading group leader, who led and urged us to stick to reading and share actively. On the morning of February 11th, we held an online reading sharing meeting, where we got together in the cloud and talked about growth together.Here comes our reading star!Miss Sun Shan: After reading Suhomlinsky’s suggestion of “taking children to travel around the world”, I thought: how happy it is for students to become educators!But our current students are generally in a passive learning state.To change this state, just as the book says, the teaching method should be changed from simple to diverse and flexible.This article suggests giving children a vivid and touching experience in the form of a “world tour”.In such classes, students will not feel tired and will not have more pressure, but in such classes, children can master more and richer knowledge, and all of them have left a deep memory.In the future, I will try my best to let children remember things, it is necessary to make fun first, and create a relaxed and pleasant learning atmosphere for students.Teacher Wang Yanjun: carefully read “advice to teachers” this book, I read more admire and respect Suhomlinsky, I read more feel this book has infinite charm.This is really a good book, it seems to be a kind teacher, I can give confused direction.When you are confused in teaching, you can easily find the answer in the book. It suddenly dawns on you that this is what teachers do and that students can teach in this way.After reading this book, I understand that as teachers we should do the most is through their own accumulation and thinking to constantly improve their own quality, with diligence and wisdom to ignite the enthusiasm of students thinking, every day of teaching into a happy creation, so that students in the paradise of learning to keep the fun of knowledge!The ancients cloud: learn, and then know trapped;Read and know.With books hand in hand, start a new journey of the mind, do a temperature of the teacher, do children like the teacher.Reading such as song, happy flowers, xu Li fang doable long distance, the fragrance of books can overflow fanghua.