A 15 million ton/year large coal mine in Ordos has obtained a mining license

2022-08-05 0 By

On April 2, ordos Natural Resources Bureau granted a mining license to Inner Mongolia Ordos Lianhai Coal Industry Co., LTD., realizing the legalization of the mine.Inner Mongolia Ordos Lianhai Coal Industry Co., LTD. Baijia Haizi coal mine area of 169.1894 square kilometers, approved production scale of 15 million tons/year.Baijia Haizi Coal mine involved in the autonomous region by state-owned enterprises holding the way to clear the excess distribution of coal resources.The mining license of the mine, for coal resources clearance and coal mine procedures to explore a new path, effectively solve the actual difficulties of enterprises, for the development of enterprises compaction “stable” chassis, expand the “progress” effect.Ordos Natural Resources Bureau editor: Yang Yang, Bai Qian Proofread: Wang Shuqi, Li Rong School review: Wang Zeng final review: Guo Zixin