Study abroad in Russia advantage detailed analysis

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Study abroad in Russia, the core advantage depends on high cost performance.Equivalent to Britain, Australia, the United States and Canada, many low cost to stay in Russia.Take the two most popular big cities, Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia, for example, under the current exchange rate, the expenditure is about 40,000-80,000 RMB/year.This includes training, accommodation, daily living expenses (meals, transportation, social media games, etc.).Of course, 40,000 to 80,000 yuan is not a certain segment, for example, different colleges and different technical majors caused by the training cost difference, such as the cost difference between living in school dormitories and renting a house, but also such as the difference in consumption ability, may cause a huge difference in the total cost of each year.Although the cost of studying abroad in Russia is relatively cheap, but the teaching level and recognition is not discounted.For example, Moscow State University and St Petersburg State University in Russia, although the world ranking has dropped a little, but it is still a well-known comprehensive university in the world category. The former one has produced many Nobel Prize winners, while the latter has shaped the rulers like Putin the Great.In addition, Pavlov Academy of Medical Sciences, Tchaikovsky School of Music, Repin Academy of Fine Arts, etc., are all the world’s top universities in relevant industries.Also because of the existence of the latter two, the plastic arts study in Ukraine has become another market segment hot.Study abroad in Russia has other advantages: 1. Low entrance gate.Have high school diploma can go to Russia teaching materials, have undergraduate diploma can go to Russia to read graduate students, all need not according to the examination question.This is very different from the situation of thousands of soldiers crossing a river in China’s gaokao.2. Do not define the basic language expression.Before announcing to study in the department, read a year of college preparatory course, and gradually shape the German of foreign students from 0.3. Visas are very easy to get.Basically did not refuse to sign the situation, if disaffection inconvenience, also need not go to embassy face trial, ask a person to act for a company to be ok.4. All colleges and technical majors can apply for it.But proposals are carefully selected on their merits.After speaking of this advantage, how to judge Russia to study abroad is appropriate?1. Economic development criteria.The United States, Britain, Australia and other popular China is more expensive, if the pressure of the standard of economic development at home, there is work pressure, then Russia to study abroad is undoubtedly more appropriate for you.2. If it is a child who fails in the college entrance examination and does not have a bachelor’s degree, the way to learn again is nothing more than: repeat the third year of high school, go to a junior college, go to Shandong Lanxiang, and study abroad.Compared with the first three development directions, the advantage of studying abroad lies in that it is not a choice to seek perfection but an opportunity to go beyond.So if you delayed learning before but want to go up now, you can consider studying abroad.3. “Mixed degrees.”The vast majority of people who choose to study in Russia are in fact all with this idea to go, beyond reproach.4. A higher global perspective.To learn more