Ten miles of peach blossom has been in full bloom spring outing flower appreciation xiao guest caress your spring tour

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Spring is just right, the breeze is not dry, peach blossom in full bloom, in this spring is full of fresh green everywhere, everything shows just the right leisure and comfort.It’s time to get out and feel the life of nature.If you have an SUV, you can just walk away and go to the suburbs to find the quiet spring and enjoy the glorious spring.When it comes to SUVs, the market has a dizzying selection of compact suVs for young people and young families, such as the Dongfeng Nissan Xiaoke, The Honda Kinzhi, the Volkswagen Tantaro, and the recently launched Toyota Reefang and Fernanda.With their emphasis on utility or power, these cars have always been able to capture a following with their expertise.Among them, Dongfeng Nissan Xiaoke both European driving gene, and have extreme comfort details, power, space, intelligence, fashion and other aspects of outstanding performance, become one of the most concerned models of young consumers.And why the most concerned model we did not nominate a new small, look at xiaoke’s product power you know.Safe driving control, safe enjoy outdoor outing, safety is very important.The road conditions in the field are more complicated, which puts forward higher requirements for vehicle stability.2022 Xiaoke rich active safety configuration can indeed bring drivers more sense of security, all-round escort for your outing.The 2022 Xiaoke is born from a professional SUV development platform, with wider width, longer wheelbase and lower center of gravity, which can achieve more aerodynamic performance suitable for SUVs.Professional SUV chassis, with full frame subframe, improve overall body stability.In addition, the only enhanced dual independent suspension at the same level, improves the vehicle’s passability and comfort, with the ultimate European driving gene to face the complex and changeable country road conditions.Based on the high quality hardware, 2022 qashqai carrying IRC intelligent driving comfort control, ITC intelligent tracking control and iEB intelligent engine braking, barrier-free intelligent driving system, can according to the moving state of active control engine, gearbox, brakes and the body center of gravity, strengthen tracking, reduce turbulence, guarantee the stability when cornering,Let comfort accompany the whole outing.In addition to stability, the 2022 Xiaoke also improves driving safety through comprehensive intelligent configuration.The NISSAN I-Safety Intelligent Active SAFETY System is equipped with a full range of intelligent SAFETY features to provide comprehensive SAFETY protection in both urban and suburban areas.Especially in the suburbs, without the deterrent of cameras, some old drivers may become more aggressive and bring us risks.The 2022 Xiaoke dashcam, AVM panoramic intelligent monitoring can let you grasp environmental information in time, and MOD moving object/pedestrian detection early warning, BSW lane change blind area early warning and other intelligent systems will be in front or rear blind area when there is a vehicle approaching, so as to avoid accidental collision.(pictured above, for the front landa – torsion beam suspension) and feng landa although from TNGA architecture, but not on the usage scenarios of the SUV special reinforcement, such as the use of independent suspension, while reducing the costs of cars, but a bit rough on the driving feeling, in the sense of control is inferior to the qashqai and comfort.In addition, although Fenglanda is known as “not China’s special car”, but the level of active safety configuration coverage is pitiful, only the top and the second top only have panoramic monitoring system, obviously lack of sincerity.Intelligent driving, relax to enjoy the spring outing, to the maximum degree of relaxation.Driving is for convenient travel, if the driving experience is too tedious and consuming, it will inevitably destroy the rare good mood.So whether a car is smart enough affects how enjoyable it is to travel.In this respect, although feng Landa is just this year on the new, but intelligent aspects only do the most basic homework, Fengyun Yue enjoy intelligent vehicle system is not all the standard match, only the top match and the second top match, the performance is not satisfactory.(The picture above is fenglanda-car-machine system) In contrast, the intelligent configuration of the 2022 Xiaoke is more in line with the needs of young consumers.First of all, the 2022 Xiaoke has a rich intelligent driving assistance system, which can bring users a very relaxed and comfortable driving experience.Second, the ProPILOT super Intelligent driving technology carried by the 2022 Xiaoke is L2 level autonomous driving technology, which can achieve intelligent cruise at full speed within the range of 0-144 kilometers per hour, drive in the middle of the lane, and automatically accelerate, decelerate or brake with the car in front according to the speed set by you.By running at a high speed easily, you can save your energy until you reach your destination and hit the grass and flowers in the fields.Suburban roads can have more ups and downs than city roads, which can make driving more difficult.Intelligent auxiliary functions such as Auto Hold automatic parking and EPB electronic parking brake of 2022 Xiaoke can help you drive more calmly on ramps or stop temporarily.Spring always inspires us with a desire to connect with the outside world.The 2022 Xiake will be equipped with Nissan Connect, the class’s leading connected vehicle system, to add warmth to chilly days through human-computer interaction.Remote monitoring and remote control of the vehicle function, but also can make the car and people more closely, so that the vehicle at any time and anywhere to maintain the best state, easy to accompany you in the countryside outing, barbecue, or reservoir fishing, mountain flowers.Convenient and comfortable, from the inside to the outside of the spring diffuse grass long warbler flying, beautiful scenery is currently, if the driving brings the body fatigue, it would be too much.Although the main reasons why SUVs attract people are their ambitious appearance, high vision and high passability, with the upgrading of consumption, in addition to traditional hard-style off-road SUVs, urban SUVs are also paying more and more attention to comfort.The 2022 Xiaoke has made great efforts in comfort.On the one hand to optimize the physical performance of the internal space, on the other hand to strengthen the effective application of intelligent technology.2002 Xiaoke interior space is wide and comfortable, reasonable layout, from the whole to the details to take care of the comfortable experience of the driver.For example, by moving the armrest box forward, the front driver’s elbow support is optimized, while providing more legroom for the rear middle passenger.The trunk of the 2022 Xiaoker is 486 liters, compared to the 438-liter trunk of the Fernanda, which can easily accommodate items like food, waterproof MATS and portable chairs carried during spring outings.Of course, the rear-seat recline is also required, a feature that is available in suVs of this class to accommodate the occasional heavy load.The 2022 Xiaoke is equipped with multi-layer ergonomic 3D motion-sensing leather seats, which can effectively relieve the fatigue caused by driving in the wild, so that you can enjoy the wild fun of spring outing, but also not too tired.Although the sun is shining in spring, dust or pollen can occasionally be in the air, which can be uncomfortable, if not allergic.The 2022 Xiaoke is fully equipped with dual area automatic air conditioning, with air purification function, sitting in the car will not be troubled by particles such as pollen.And the back row also has an air outlet, the comfort of the back row passengers take care of no problem.Relatively speaking, feng Landa in this part of the cost sacrifice comfort of the business.Take air conditioning, although feng Landa also has air purification function, but only the top version is automatic air conditioning.In a nutshell, it is no wonder that there are many middle-aged and elderly users who pay attention to Fenglanda.Summary safe and comfortable heart move, not spring not qing.The 2022 Xiaoke, the benchmark of the 150,000-class SUV market, has been refreshing the new height of family SUV with a total sales volume of 1.5 million, and has become the best choice for spring outing with European driving control, intelligent technology and comfortable experience.Spring is fleeting, hurry up and be restless!