The leading building of Xinxing Yu Holdings highlights Oriental nobility

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Since ancient times, there have been countless literati for Chinese garden, architecture, splashing ink, thousands of years of Chinese architectural culture and habitat culture reflects not only the national heritage, but also our national confidence, because of this, Chinese style architecture and design has always been popular.Xinxing Yu · Jinlin Mansion (Changchun) project of Xinxing Yu Holdings inherits the essence of Chinese architectural culture and human settlement culture, and creates a unique high-quality choice for those who yearn for Chinese life. It combines Chinese architectural style, Chinese garden skills and contemporary living needs to create a different new Chinese living experience.Xinxing Yu Jinlinfu (Changchun) project of Xinxing Yu Holdings is located at the intersection of Keelung Middle Street and Hsinchu Road, which is located in the main city area of green Garden beside the second Ring Road. With convenient transportation and multi-dimensional road network, the owners can easily reach the airport and high-speed railway and enjoy a convenient life.As the new iteration of New Chinese style of Xinxing Yu Holdings, the project relies on the scarce resources of the city, natural landscape and human life blend here, modern city and classical garden change here, out to enjoy the prosperity of the city, into the classical garden……Xinxing Yu Holdings innovates on the basis of the three-element ritual pattern and combines the Chinese style with the style of modern architecture to create a full-age landscape endowed with life aesthetics of “double axis of government system and six scenes of Jin Lin”.At the same time, adhering to the spirit of craftsman and adopting the new Chinese architectural design style, the roof of the building adopts the form of eaves to create a sense of lightness of the building, highlighting the noble and elegant temperament of Oriental architecture, deeply exploring the needs of modern living, the practical comfort of the house has been strongly guaranteed.Xinxing Yu jinlinfu (Changchun) project under Xinxing Yu Holdings is located in a very favorable location, which fully integrates the city’s abundant supporting facilities, including transportation, commerce, education and ecological resources, and meets the one-stop standard of “eating, drinking, playing, playing, traveling, shopping and entertainment”.In addition, the natural resources of the project are also unique: Lin Yuan, Tianjia Park, Changchun Park and Pearl Creek Park are surrounded by four ecological parks, so that residents can enjoy more sunshine, wind and beautiful scenery.Chinese garden architecture pays attention to conform to the natural texture, harmony between man and nature, xinxing Yu · Jinlin Fu (Changchun) project under Xinxing Yu Holdings is such.The Chinese style created by xinxing Yu · Jinlin Mansion (Changchun) project under Xinxing Yu Holdings is a complete and perfect environment, as harmonious as the original, humanistic, natural and modern, and many high-quality elements are perfectly presented here.