Top ten famous mountains in Jiangsu province, that peak has the best scenery, see how many places you have been

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Ten famous mountains in jiangsu jiangsu among provinces in China, most of the region, in the province are less than 50 meters above sea level, is the national minimum flat terrain provinces, no mountains, elevation, herself peak peak is only 624 meters, the mountain is also the national minimum, jiangsu with low hills, accounts for only 15% of the whole province area, though, the mountain is not high,But the cultural value and scenery are excellent. Let’s take a look at the top ten famous mountains in Jiangsu Province. What are they?Lianyungang huaguo mountain huaguo mountain scenic area, with classic journey to the west, is famous, famous both at home and abroad, one thousand years of ancient buildings – ancient sites – the ancient stone carving, and in individual letters script step over the mountains, is a national key scenic area, is national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot, elevation 624 meters, is the highest mountain in jiangsu province,Scenic area is famous attractions ashoka tower – ternary palace – herself peak waterfall cave, waterfall cave is in the journey to the west, sun wukong hometown the archetype of the waterfall cave, with Monkey King’s throne herself peak cliff cliff, towering spectacular, with emperor kangxi QinTi remote town torrent four words, at present, huaguo mountain scenic area launched daily send tickets to one hundred pieces, deadline at the end of this scenic spot ticket:Huaguoshan Scenic Spot 90 yuan, 100 free tickets 2 at 9 am every day.Yuntai mountain – lianyungang sea sea yuntai mountain, the first since the ancient times to the east China sea victory, sankai is linked together, the fame curzon LAN, here you can taste the sea port of yuntai mountain city middle – side garden – the distinctive characteristics of sea mountain, the highest peak of yuntai mountain, big mast peak 605 meters above sea level, the scenic area is divided into two mast pointed – enlightenment temples – Wan Shougu three big heart,There are famous attractions Haitian view – the sight – to meet peak – volley waves – start walking in the cloud, etc., and the most beautiful scenery in the top of the hill, mountain mist together, beautiful, at present, the sea yuntai mountain scenic spot offer daily send tickets to one hundred pieces, deadline at the end of this scenic spot ticket: sea yuntai mountain is 80 yuan, every day at 9 am free 100 tickets 3.Suzhou, the mountains vault vault, known as the top Wu Zhongzhi, main peak elevation of 341.7 meters, a broad rimmed bamboo hat for Wu Zhongzhi dian, here is also the best view of point, overlooking the new suzhou this momentum majestic mountains, wide field, pine and bamboo, mountains and elegant, like fairyland, long history, the birthplace of the art of war, at present, the vault and cultural park have merged into a mountain scenic area,You can also climb Qionglong Mountain from the Cultural Garden. The main scenic spots are Wanghu Garden – Sunwuyuan Thatched Cottage – Ningbang Temple – Shangzhenguan and other scenic spots. Ticket: Qionglong Mountain Scenic Spot 80 yuan 4.Nantong Wolf, the Wolf mountain mountain, have the first of eight small buddhist mountains, jianghai first mountain of reputation, by a Wolf the mountains – ma on shan – Huang Nishan – sword and junshan, south is near Yangtze river, landscape dependencies, known as the five mountains, on which the Wolf, elevation 109 meters, the highest peak for the first of five mountains, numerous historical relics on the mountain, the first promotion teaching temple, temple, which is based on the mountain, the mountain temple as an ornament,Blend phase contrast, visit the temple at the same time, is also a mountain to admire the view, standing on the peak viewing, can overlook the great river rolling, to win, ‘, can also be overlooking the city landscape, prosperity and pure and fresh, full of modern flavor, is famous scenic spot temple garden – – the cloud tower – increase their own features tomb scenic spot tickets: Wolf mountain scenic area 70 yuan.Huacheng in the humanities in nanjing purple mountain, the mountain, for the first mountain, jinling extraordinary reputation, is a scenic spots and historical sites of nanjing, the world cultural heritage Ming tomb is located, mountain scenic spots and historical sites, shannan has purple xia holes – one spring – buddhist monk ridge, yong MuLu – purple mountain observatory, etc., the center of the piedmont beauty sun yat-sen’s mausoleum – station – house, etc., the east has a soul valley temple,North of the tomb of Xu Da – Chang Yuchun tomb, which is the highest peak in Nanjing, the main peak 448.9 meters above sea level, is the most concentrated local scenic spots in Nanjing tickets: Purple Mountain scenic spot free, surrounding scenic spots charge 6.For xuzhou xuzhou cloud longshan cloud longshan, element places of crown, now the national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot, in the center of the xuzhou city south of the museum, although mountain is not high, only 142 meters, but the cultural relics is quite dense, and buddhist culture, from the northern wei dynasty to the qing dynasty, there are Buddha figures in the period of the northern wei dynasty, song dynasty put crane pavilion, the Ming and qing dynasties era antiquities even more,Among them, the Ming Dynasty Xinghua Zen Temple incense is very prosperous, the foot of the mountain is Yunlong Lake, side of the Han and Wei inscription museum and other scenic spots.Zhenjiang, zhenjiang three mountains, three mountains refers to jinshan – JiaoShan – solid mountain, north of the most famous scenic spots in zhenjiang, jinshan scenic spots and historical sites, the famous white snake, the story of the white niang son water overflow jinshan temple, is what happened there, JiaoShan in landscape, of primitive simplicity is quiet and tastefully laid out and is well known, the scenic area’s largest hook, when the forest of steles, decorated with ancient steles of more than four hundred blocks, number,For jiangnan first only to xi ‘an forest of steles, the forest of steles, the three big one of the forest of steles, north mountain, fixation in jinshan and JiaoShan, between the mountains small, but well-known Peking Opera ganlu temple, liu bei just like traditional drama, has been popular, all from the scenic spot tickets here: JiaoShan 50 yuan, jinshan 50 yuan, north mountain 30 yuan 8.Wuxi huishan, huishan, famous for its good name spring water in the world, the most famous is the second day in spring, the highest peak for the three MaoFeng, 328.9 meters above sea level, the following historical sites, have been identified in song dynasty poet su dongpo poem stone, qin’s tomb, the Ming dynasty relics less waterfall cave, etc., was built in the northern and southern dynasties is below yamadera – such as green yamadera – MingYang view,Huishan is also the largest forest oxygen bar in Wuxi. Every morning, tens of thousands of citizens climb mountains for fitness and enjoy the scenery. Standing on the top of the mountain, they feel relaxed and happy, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of The Tin City.Suzhou, yushan yushan, yushan park and yushan mountain national forest park divides into two big part of the yushan mountain national forest park, the main part for the hills, miles is a castle peak half into the city, beautiful natural scenery deep and remote, a profound cultural history and ancient xing fu temple in one thousand, two at the royal preceptor weng dowa’s tomb, elevation 263 meters, the highest peak in shannan steep steep,Majestic, with the potential of mountains, many stone scenes are also concentrated in this, there are Kangxi Yubi Yanlan Gao Kuang and other cliff stone carvings, among them to jianmen stone, blowing water qingyan, the most famous scenic spot admission: Yushan Scenic Spot 35 yuan 10.Zhenjiang, maoshan maoshan, the birthplace of Taoism in qing sent, the Taoist called supernatant of the altar, with the first lucky, the reputation of cave 8 mountain rocks peak forest intensive, the size of cave deep detour, is one of China’s six big mountains anti-japanese base areas, maoshan and jintan in charge of jurong, major scenic spots are on this side of jurong, Taoist temple on the hill is more,There are famous scenic spots jiuxiao Wanfu Palace – Yuan Fu Wanning Palace – Immortal cave – Huayang cave – Chu Wangjian and so on sort not before or after, for free sort, the above price is for reference only, with the official website specified ticket price shall be subject to thank you for your attention the first time to release the latest travel advice and free information