Why doesn’t my guy save the day

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Hello everyone, xiaobian again to recommend novels, every day not regularly share a variety of pet text, abuse text, ancient speech, speech and other different types of novels, save your book shortage!I hope you have a special appearance, handsome, beautiful little brother little sister if you feel useful on the small series of articles like plus a concern yo.Small make up for friends to recommend: “I may be a fake Japanese of quick wear” why doesn’t my men to hero to save the first in the United States: “I may be a fake Japanese of quick wear” author: old monster attack (” I could be a fake Japanese of quick wear “why my male master not hero save the United States) introduction: Ye Shuang double: why my male master not hero save the United States?System: Maybe he’s stuck in traffic.Ye Shuangshuang: more than 20 years, he even if the ride is a turtle, the power is insufficient to let the snail drag line, also should arrive!System: probably met a mother snail and tortoise on the way?Ye Shuangshuang:…That calculate gave birth to small, drag home to take mouth also unapt so slow!System: Then he’s definitely lost.Ye Shuangshuang:…If my guy is a jerk who doesn’t know how to use GPS, I won’t wait.Gogogo, next world!Some face blind male advocate push open depend on come up of gorgeous beauty: “sorry, I save wrong person, let a let, I want to save my wife.”The furthest distance in the world is, I am waiting for you to save the United States, you tm mistake the person!History of the most injustice dead heroine, male master in the eyes, accidentally saved the original damn female match, she died!EXM!Super sweet. Push it on everyone.Highlights: “Seniors!”Leaf double double yanzi wood hand to see Su seven plume.”I don’t know you.”Su Qi feather to retreat, looked at the eye leaf both hands, voice cold, “don’t touch me.”Ye Shuang double: “……”I mean, it’s good he didn’t hold a grudge yesterday, but what about this total stranger stare today?Yang Zimu unremittingly want to drag people “Yao Yao!You come with me, we’re not broken up yet!”Leaf both frown, she was afraid of hot eyes yesterday did not go to poplar wood there face to face break up, today is trouble.She immediately decided to solve Yang Zimu first, “I have sent you a message, and yesterday you also sent me a message, did not forget it.””I didn’t send it, someone must have stolen my phone!”Yang Zimu know that the phone did send three messages to the three leaves shuangshuang left xiaodie WenHanxi, but he did not remember his hair, it is impossible to send!Ye Shuangshuang: “but we are not suitable.”Ye Shuangshuang did not want to say the hotel in front of so many people, “how inappropriate, I did not agree, you do not want to break up!”Yang Zimu is also fluffed, pounced to catch the leaf shuangshuang, leaf Shuangshuang will hold his right arm, suddenly feel this is a good opportunity, a little loose strength, as if to be hit by Yang Zimu, the body slanted to Su Qi-yu body fall, “thank you, learn – sister?”Ye both froze, when did she appear!She hurriedly stand straight, secretly stare su Seven feather one eye.(click below free reading) the second: “Fast wear of cannon fodder struggle record” author: royal shrimp introduction: “Ah ~~~” Yu Yao Meng!Is she wearing a rat this time?She is wrong!Yu Yao cried his heart out!”Master System, I will never speak ill of you behind your back again!”Looking at his fleshy little claws, the small body can only curl up in the soil hole on the edge of the beam column.A few damp wisps of straw in the nest!The cold wind whistled in through the cracks in the wall!Yu Yao’s two fangs are about to fall off!”Help –” she just wanted to shout.But now it’s a mouse!Great content: “Fairy beasts?They met each other so soon?Then we have to hurry up!””Well, we’ll meet tomorrow.”Nine ink stroked her hair, eyes extremely spoil drowning.Really!Also do not know this she is naive temperament, or nine ink protection do not know the world is very dangerous.Nine mo don’t know such a temper in the river’s lake simply can’t survive it?Alas, even their own sister to be wary of, think of others also can’t hurt she?The wound was even, if it was a knife wound, when we entered this secret place.Only four other wuji disciples were wearing swords.Could it be them?To keep the fat water out of the field?Just want to get god, suddenly came from the rear ‘rustling’ different move.Go and see!”Nine ink on Yu Yao hair division order.I thought that the relationship between the two would soften.Now there is no room for improvement!A crisis, or she is the most important!Who cares about the sister?It’s all for my back!(Click below to read for free) The third book: “Reverse Quick Wear: Mysterious Husband, Extreme Pet” by: Liang Bletilla Striata Introduction: System: host, accidentally become a mother!Exciting content: she has not seen on the official modest for a month, she went to the company to block him, can not see people, or later the housekeeper told Shangguanxi, her father from that night has been accompanied in the hospital.I heard that Amphy was so badly hurt, the bullet just grazed his heart, the hospital put out three critical notices.At first, shangguan Xi is actually quite grateful to anfei, although the shooting ceremony from the occurrence to the end are puzzling doubts, but the family anfei is really to save his father almost died.With this point, are enough shangguan Xi grateful to her for a lifetime.But today suddenly home shangguan modest said completely shangguan Xi woke up.On the official qian told the nanny to tidy up a room in the house, said the doctor in the hospital, anfei has recovered.Now I’m going to go home and live there. I’m going to take care of my lost energy.Almost hit the heart of the gunshot wound, yesterday also under the critically ill notice, today you told Shangguan Xi she recovered?You’re kidding!(Click below to read it for free) Today’s novel recommendation is over. If you have anything else to say to xiaobian, or want to share with you, please leave a comment below!We next time bye ~ to review: the disease of jiao Boss small medical wife rivals in the eyes of female demons, but his view of the small joon “web celebrity rebirth actor pet heaven” shadow emperor web celebrity stay home, two people officer xuan, originally for children “fall in love with disease jiao Mr Qin” since married in the past, her 365 days a year, every day have a big surprise “double bride:Sick Jiao president love non-stop “Tang Shao is a pet wife crazy, the wife left on the black” net red reborn emperor pet Heaven “net red overnight emperor home, two official propaganda, the original has children