Xianyou: the elderly sudden disease, critical moment grid member to

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Fujian Daily · New Fu Jian client On April 8 (reporter Chen Sheng Zhong correspondent Xie Jingjing Zhang Xuezhen) 7 morning, Xianyou County Lisheng street Xian Sugar community alone elderly Chen Some Yan home staged a warm heart scene, the elderly sudden illness, thanks to grid members and community cadres arrived in time to send medical treatment, she successfully out of danger.Chen Mou Yan is 81 years old and lives alone at home.That morning, she suddenly high blood pressure, dizziness and vomiting, bedridden.Critical moment, the old man thought of often to visit their own fairy sugar community comprehensive administration (grid) center grid member Lin Chen, immediately called Xiao Lin.After learning the situation, Lin Chen rushed to Chen’s home to check the situation, called 120 emergency number, and contacted the community cadres to come to help.Finally, with the help of the crowd, the old man was taken to the hospital by ambulance.During the epidemic prevention and control period, the empty nest, the elderly living alone and other groups have always been one of the key groups concerned by xiantang community.The community gives full play to grid members’ advantages at the grass-roots level, and continues to do a good job in caring for the key population.”The elderly woman is alone at home and her life is inconvenient due to the COVID-19 control.”Linchen said, this period of time, he will be free to visit the old man in the home, but also left a telephone, can not think of this really sent a big use.It is reported that after hospital treatment, Chen Mou Yan has been out of danger, is currently recovering.Source: Fujian Daily client