Yanbo Village, Pan City: “People’s little Wine” goes out into the world

2022-08-05 0 By

In March, Yambo Village, Panzhou City, a sea of azaleas, flowers and wine fragrance on the nose.Inside the winery, the production line is busy, the workers are busy, the fragrance of wine overflow;In the village, the villagers leaning against the blue tiles and white walls of the farmhouse are at ease.Once upon a time, the village’s annual per capita income was less than 800 yuan, and the village’s collective assets were zero.Today, the prosperous village will have collective assets of 112 million yuan and per capita income of 33,000 yuan in 2021.The collective assets of the village exceed 100 million yuan, benefiting from the vigorous development of Guizhou Yanbo wine industry.In 2021, the sales volume of Yanbo Wine reached a new record high of 512 million yuan, and the annual sales volume reached “five consecutive jumps”.Yanbo Wine Supply started from the establishment of small pot distillery with local laws, to the rapid growth of production capacity, the development of “People’s small Wine” in the past 17 years, not only has the persistent adherence, surging aggressive, but also the precision of the development strategy of Yanbo wine industry.In 2017, “People’s Small Wine” exploded overnight, making the little-known Yanbo wine industry hot and popular in the market.”In the face of a large increase in market demand, strict quality is still our top priority.”Yu Liufen, party secretary of Yanbo Liancun and chairman of Yanbo Wine Co., LTD., believes that quality is the lifeblood of the brand.To this end, Yanbo wine hired master winemaking Ji Kelang as the general consultant of the company, and Dr. Huang Yongguang, assistant dean of the College of Wine and Food Engineering of Guizhou University, as the engineer of the head office, to escort its quality.In Guizhou, the kingdom of maotai-flavor liquor, Yanbo wine industry has grasped the trend, promoted opening up, developed precise strategies and opened up a new world.Yanbo Wine supply plan closely focused on the segmented market, Yanbo wine industry completed the construction of Guizhou Qingmaoxiang talent base, national master studio and Qingmaotai-flavor liquor research institute.”People’s Small wine” is no longer only a “trump card” to enter the business sea, products cover the price band of 100 to 1000 yuan, “Hongtu”, “Shengshi” and “Fengnian” three high-end new products hit the market, contributing 25.67% to the company’s sales in 2021.The company has recruited more than 400 undergraduate graduates to work in key positions such as legal affairs, research and development, and marketing.We have independently trained a number of technical backmen, such as second-level tasters, third-level tasters and winemakers.With the opening of the mountain gate to enter the market, Yanbo Wine industry takes the initiative to go out and hold tasting meetings and promotion meetings all over the country to convey the high quality and taste of its products to consumers.At present, more than 300 dealers are distributed throughout the country, and the terminal outlets break through 300,000.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Gu Bingjie first trial Nie Jianyun second trial Liu Dinghui third trial Ma Gang