21 points win + 5th place in the West!The lakers’ waivers took a swipe at Pelinka, who could have activated Westbrook

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Jason Kidd, the Mavericks coach, was praised by many fans and players after the Mavericks beat the Portland Trail Blazers 132-112 on Sunday to move into fifth place in the Western Conference with a 28-21 record.”He just helps us get involved and hold us accountable,” Brunson said of coach Jason Kidd.Porzingis said, “He’s always conveying confidence.”There’s no denying the fact that although this is only kidd’s first season as the Mavericks coach, he did a great job of keeping the team on a solid track despite the injuries.”My job is to get these kids contracts and win championships,” Kidd said bluntly about his coaching performance.Although the Mavericks still have a long way to go to win the championship, kidd’s current performance will undoubtedly give fans more confidence.Lost this season kidd, by contrast, the lakers really fallen quite serious in some areas, especially their creativity in the offensive end less seasons before, many people don’t know, Jason kidd, when the lakers as an assistant coach for the team actually contributed quite a lot of strategies, including the lakers in the playoffs with a heavy eyebrows center in 2020,It was kidd and Vogel who suggested using five small lineups.As a defensive coach, Vogel really needs kidd as an assistant, and the two of them complement each other, which is why people felt sorry for the Lakers this offseason when they couldn’t keep him.Although it was said at the time that Kidd wanted to be a head coach, the lakers couldn’t give him that opportunity, so he chose to go to the Mavericks.But according to the latest Revelations, it appears that kidd felt he had no respect from the lakers’ coaching staff, whose advice was often ignored in hiring and recruiting.The Rambis’ interference with the coaching staff became intolerable to kidd, Hollins and other assistant coaches, who eventually chose to leave.At this point, that’s a pretty convincing argument, and the lakers might have struggled less this season if they had kept Kidd.So far this season, Westbrook has been underwhelming. The biggest problem has been his struggles on the offensive end, where he is shooting 43.8 percent and 29.3 percent from 3-point range per game. His inability to contribute offensively has caused westbrook to suffer in other areas as well.But if the lakers had Jason Kidd, it would have been a different story.As is known to all, kidd’s entire career, not attack is a talent, even some of the projection of the season is very bad, but this does not prevent him to become the top point guard, his vision, the rhythm of the accused, the tactical understanding and rich experience, can help to less, and even less likely to use other ways to activate wei,And bring out the best in the Lakers’ big three.It’s a shame that neither Pelinka nor the rest of the lakers’ management really realized how important Kidd was to the lakers, especially westbrook, even as a coaching candidate.