Fearing compromise in Europe, the United States called the shots and put pressure on Japan

2022-08-06 0 By

Recently affected by the dispute to Ukraine, Russia’s relations with many European countries is also running, the first British and other countries also rodomontade publicly support for Ukraine, but with the development of the situation, they finally the “iron Wolf” will be more worried about Russia cut off their energy supply, so they began faltered, dare not rashly against Russia,There are even some countries that have reached out to Russia in the hope of easing relations between the two countries. That country is France, and the French president wants to cool down the situation between France and Russia so as to limit his own losses.Russia’s exports to European countries for many years a large number of natural gas resources, and with the temperature falling, the demand for natural gas is also growing, only in this case, Russia once take extreme measures to cut off the supply of energy, and many countries in Europe’s energy supplies and people’s lives will be affected by huge, is also unable to estimate damage.In that case, European countries would have to compromise with Russia, but their big brother, the United States, would not like it.The biden administration, frustrated by the timidity of its Allies, called an energy conference with European Union countries to reassure its Allies.Biden made it clear that if Russia stopped gas cooperation with the European Union, the United States would follow suit and secure Europe’s gas demand, indicating that the United States wants these countries to act together against Russia without any qualms.It is important to note that the front foot just make promise with eu countries, hind feet requires Japan to domestic imports of gas to Europe, the United States of the proposal to some relaxation of Japan as a country with a lack of energy, its own resources supply is totally dependent on imports, now requires supplying natural gas to the European Union, Japan, this is not on the way of blocking the Japanese development?Even more surprising, the Japanese government agreed to this demand.The Japanese people to the requirement of the Japanese government agreed to supply the energy was very puzzled commentator said that it is clear that the move is in the face of the Japanese government fatty, though Japan spokesman said it is on the premise of not affect people’s lives for cooperation, but at present domestic demand for natural gas is also rising.While meeting the domestic demand, Japan cannot support the energy export at all. Once Japan distributes the natural gas resources to the EU, it means that the domestic natural gas price will rise sharply. In addition, the high transportation cost, The cooperation between Japan and the EU is doomed to lose money.As a result, the Japanese government’s decision is not understood.Part of the news reference: Chengdu Radio and Television station