Wood fire concentric only along its potential universify to see the body is uncomfortable

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Qianzaojia Chen, Bingyin, BingYin, Imichen Dayun Ding MAO, Wuchen, Qixi, gengwu Xinwei, Renshen, Guizyou c fire was born in The Moon, wood and fire are wang phase, when the Chen soil could have been stored water but the Chen soil was Yin wood grams, plus the original bureau wood more water drainage kidney gas was also hurt!To gengyun muwang gold was anti gram, goldwater appeared together, wood, fire, gold arbitrary, finally blood and death of this life bureau wood fire concentric, can only be followed and can not violate, but to the water as god, the initial Ding MAO, wuchen, qisi but no big hinder!