Suzhou epidemic, the news publicity is in place, policy planning is in place, but the actual implementation is not in place

2022-08-07 0 By

Today is the third nucleic acid test. Normally, the test should be more professional and the management more perfect.But I felt a little different. First of all, there were more and more volunteers, but the site was not as strict as before. There were not many professionals.Secondly, because after the first two tests, only the day to go out to check the pass, other times do not look at the pass, only look at the Sukang code, so the detection of fewer and fewer people, because it does not affect access.Finally, the loudspeaker broadcast the night before (it was finally shut down at 10 PM after someone gave feedback), and the text message informed that the building inspection would start at 7:00, but there was no follow-up arrangement, so we had to go by ourselves, and the loudspeaker broadcast would start at 6:00 the next day. The volunteers also said why didn’t everyone come to the inspection and didn’t go to work?Even at work, who can afford to be tested at 6 and not start until 7?Finally, this kind of sampling is done without the result of the detection, what is the implementation of sealing control?I really do not understand the news propaganda is in place, the policy planning is in place, but the actual implementation is not in place!